Wednesday, December 5, 2007

1920s BISQUE DOLL IN PAPER DRESS Scant 7 In Arms Move!

1920s BISQUE DOLL IN PAPER DRESS Scant 7 In Arms Move! - (eBay item 310005405234 end time Dec-12-07 19:42:29 PST)

This vintage bisque doll is four inches tall from head to foot but stands almost seven inches tall because of her long, stiff gathered paper skirt or dress. She has very pale blonde painted hair with a painted blue bow, light brown brows, dark eyes and a dot of red on her mouth. Her upper back is marked, "Made in Japan."

Her movable arms are attached with wire. Her legs with socks and black painted shoes also move. She's none too clean, but I made no attempt to clean her, afraid of damaging her or her paper skirt.

Her skirt might be crepe paper and might have been green originally. It's been gathered with thread in two tiers and has four tiny pink paper flowers. It's stiff enough for her to stand upright even though her feet are far from the skirt bottom. The skirt/dress has two tiny straps which are also age-darkened.

We think this doll is probably from the 1920s as she came to us with another bisque doll that is definitely from the twenties.

Does this tiny old bisque doll make you smile? See more photos on eBay.

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