Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stainless BIRTH CERTIFICATE TUBE Engraved Scroll Holder

Stainless BIRTH CERTIFICATE TUBE Engraved Scroll Holder - (eBay item 310008110206 end time Dec-20-07 20:02:16 PST)

This stainless steel tube engraved with baby theme designs holds a parchment-type scroll Baby Birth Record. It has room to fill in the baby's birth details and a photograph. The outside of the tube says, "Birth Certificate" and has a banner with room to engrave the baby's name.

Both ends of the tube have a teddy bear design. That same teddy bear appears on the tube itself, along with balloons, a baby block, a stork, a rocking horse and the Birth Certificate banner, with little flowers scattered everywhere.

The metal is satiny smooth. The designs are outlines impressed in the metal and colored black to show up. It opens and closes smoothly with a nice seal feel due to the plastic inner sleeve. There's a hunter green bow near the join.

Does this birth certificate baton container make you smile? See more photos on eBay.

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