Wednesday, April 16, 2008

8 Van Heusen VINTAGE SHIRT COLLARS New in Box 15 1/4!

8 Van Heusen VINTAGE SHIRT COLLARS New in Box 15 1/4! - eBay (item 310042060970 end time Apr-23-08 19:32:12 PDT)

These eight men's vintage shirt collars are still in their packets and original box marked, "Van Heusen, The World's Smartest Collar, Van Reed, One Dozen 15 1/4, Phillips-Jones, N.Y."

The back of the collars are marked, "Van Heusen, Patent 2,393,829 U.S.A. Phillips-Jones. Van Reed, No Starch, Iron Flat While Damp, 15 1/4."

The packets backs says, "There's a Van Heusen Collar to flatter every type of face." Here are the Washing Instructions:
As easy to launder as a handkerchief. Wash clean with any good laundry soap. Boil at least occasionally. Rinse thoroughly. Add necessary bluing. Dampen well before ironing. To iron, LAY COLLAR OUT FLAT. Iron first on wrong side, finishing on right side. Fold by hand, not with iron, along line of crease."
The packets are made of the sort of almost wax paper-like stuff you used to see in old cereal boxes, very crackly when you touch them. One packet is torn open from one end to the center front. Each packet holds two collars which are a bit age darkened.

Click the link under the picture to see these vintage shirt collars or click the link above the picture to see all vintage shirts currently on eBay.

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