Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1991 ERICH PFRETZSCHNER 3/4 Violin, Bow, Case, Rosin!

1991 ERICH PFRETZSCHNER 3/4 Violin, Bow, Case, Rosin! - eBay (item 310016703477 end time Jan-28-08 20:49:15 PST)

This 3/4 size violin is marked on a label inside, "Erich Pfretzschner 1991 Handmade Copy of Antonius Stradivarius. 3/4 Model 2900, Serial 921867." Another label says, "This instrument selected and approved by International Strings, Inc. has been carefully constructed and adjusted to exceed the Music Educators National Conference standards."

The case has a number on it and damaged finish on both ends as if shuffled to and fro on a bus.

The violin fared better. There's finish missing on edges, the worst being along the lower bout I focused on in the photo. There's a chafed spot on the chin rest. The tape on the neck aids learning.

The bow looks fine but with darkened horsehair near the frog. Possibly it's soiled, or was always that way, or it's the dark cello rosin I found in the case after taking photos.

It seems sturdy and sounds good to me. Not that I'm an expert. My old violin (that was my mother's) lost its sound peg forty-some years ago, thus ending my violin-playing. I was never able to tune the thing.

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