Friday, September 12, 2008

Vintage China CUPIE DOLL SHAKERS Kewpie Salt and Pepper

Vintage China CUPIE DOLL SHAKERS Kewpie Salt and Pepper - eBay (item 310083366558 end time Sep-17-08 20:36:51 PDT)

These vintage china salt and pepper shakers are cupie or kewpie dolls. The bottoms are stamped, "Japan" and have little cork stoppers.

They're identical, so good luck with choosing whether you've grabbed salt or pepper each time! The side view shows their little wings and they have their feet up as if all is right in their little cupie world.

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Vintage Boxful Ginger Ginny DOLL CLOTHES 9 Dresses Tags

Vintage Boxful Ginger Ginny DOLL CLOTHES 9 Dresses Tags - eBay (item 310083115466 end time Sep-16-08 20:50:49 PDT)

This 1950's vintage boxful of doll clothes includes nine outfits for a Vogue Ginger, Ginny, Muffy or Joanie Walker dolls. Two dresses are tagged. They'll fit 8" dolls. The box is marked, "Joanie Walker P.M.A. Dolls, Inc."

The outfits are:
  • red gingham apron dress and bonnet (no snaps)
  • embroidered white organdy dress (has snap and attached pink ribbon belt)
  • white flowered satin dress (has snap)
  • Vogue white and red cheerleader dress (Vogue tag, red-lined skirt, hook and eye)
  • pink, blue, gray taffeta dress (has snap and attached flowers at gold belt)
  • Fashions for Ginger lilac dress (Fashions for Ginger tag, has white snap that doesn't stay closed)
  • green and pink organdy dress (has pink snap)
  • pink satin and netting sun dress (has snap)
  • off-white textured satin gown (has snap)
  • discolored white lawn panties (have old masking tape at back)
  • 5 belts
    • stiff pink knitted plastic, frayed ends
    • white ribbon with crushed pale pink rose
    • tattered pale blue ribbon
    • pale lilac ribbon
    • dotted cotton appears to be a hem cut-off
The off-white textured satin gown is modeled by a Joanie Walker doll still in her box at this site:

The pink, blue and gray taffeta dress is modeled by a Lolly Pop doll on this page:

The cheerleader outfit tag says, "Vogue Dolls, Inc., Bedford, Mass., U.S.A. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." The lilac dress tag says, "Fashions for 'Ginger' ®Cosmopolitan Doll and Toy Corp., Jackson Heights, N.Y. ®Registered Trademark."

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