Friday, November 14, 2008

Vintage Cream, Rust, Brown Striped ROTARY DESK PHONE!

Vintage Cream, Rust, Brown Striped ROTARY DESK PHONE! - eBay (item 310100143580 end time Nov-17-08 19:10:58 PST)

This vintage rotary phone features stylish brown, rust and tan stripes on a cream background. The phone base is marked, "11-79, Made in Mexico. Code Inspection MB-061534 F. For Retail Only ITT Own-A-Phone™, ITT Personal Communications."

The white sticker says, "Competes with Part 68 FCC rules. FCC Registration Number AS293P-67156-TE-R. Ringer Equivalence 0.5A. Grantee: ITT. ITT Model PC1300 Series. Use with USOC RJ11C Outlet."

It has a dial tone, despite the phone line plug-in having no locking clip to keep it connected, and the loose receiver cord. The number plate is missing. The cream color is age-darkening and shows wear. There are wear marks on the finger dial, phone face and sides. The finger dial works well.

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