Saturday, September 13, 2008


HOW TO BUILD DOLLHOUSES, FURNITURE Great Easi-Bild HC! - eBay (item 310083589455 end time Sep-18-08 19:07:29 PDT)

How to Build Dollhouses and Furniture is a fabulous book! It's one of many Easi-Bild Simplified Directions by Donald R. Brann. This hardcover is the second printing of the 1976 book.

There are three houses, one cleverly designed so your child can knock down and fold it into the base for moving or storage. Another set of designs in another book shows how to build a mini-stable for your child's love of horses, then how to build a real one. But back to this book: it includes how to build great furniture for your dollhouse. It provides two versions of a colonial cradle and a chair, plus a drop-leaf table, corner cabinet, bed, hutch, bookshelves, and more.

  • To Make a Dream Come True
  • Tools Needed
  • The Dream Dollhouse
  • Packaway Dollhouse
  • Open Back Colonial Dollhouse
  • How to Build Dollhouse Furniture
  • Fireplace Mantel
  • Montpelier Bookcase
  • Colonial Cradle
  • Colonial Step Stool
  • Shaker Hutch
  • Drop Leaf Table
  • Dining and Occasional Chairs
  • Rope Spring Bed
  • Corner Cupboard
  • Colonial Fireside Bench
  • Cobblers Bench
  • Corner Shelf
  • Colonial Planter
  • China Cabinet
  • Valance Boards
  • A Doll's Doll Carriage
To Make A Dream Come True
Step by step directions explain how to build three different dollhouses, the installation of switch operated overhead lighting; plus a wide selection of dollhouse furniture and a doll carriage. Before deciding which dollhouse, and/or furniture, fills your immediate need, read through the book, cover to cover. Note the tools and materials needed, how and when overhead lighting can be installed. Those who wonder why three dollhouses are offered, soon discover they have entered an entirely new world of fun, relaxation and profit. Building one dollhouse invariably fascinates the builder. The hours required prove completely relaxing. The results achieved make them feel like an instant hero.

What starts out as a challenge turns into a part or full time business everyone with time can enjoy. Highly successful executives, living under considerable pressure, to retirees with too much time on their hands, to those temporarily unemployed, find release building the projects offered in this book. Because of size and breakage, a completely assembled dollhouse costs a bundle to pack and ship even a short distance. All materials purchased locally cost considerably less than shipping charges and/or a trade discount.
Someone made one of these dollhouses. I found sawdust in the page of patterns, with pencil marks to show he made each part. In the crack of the next pattern page, I found a teensy nail. I'm not a carpenter, but looking at this book makes me itch to become one!

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