Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Antique Victorian GAS JET ALLIGATOR CURLING IRON Rare! - eBay (item 310076956934 end time Aug-25-08 19:01:35 PDT)

This antique curling iron is an alligator or crocodile powered by gas. The alligator is quite something with eyes and a textured tail. Very Victorian. The curling tongs are primitive. The control valve turns 180 degrees. I see no maker's mark.

In the photos, I show the closed tongs laid straight up the back of the alligator, but those side spindles could help hold the tongs in place while opened for less heat.

The alligator and the shell around the heating element are rust-colored and feel rough like dusty rusty metal. The gas connection is greenish, maybe copper with patina? The tongs and brackets are another metal, maybe steel?

Oh, the scary things women have used and done for the sake of beauty! Can you imagine this alligator red hot? The smell of singed hair? Burned fingers? Yikes.

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