Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Vintage EARLY AMERICAN CAST IRON DOLL FURNITURE SET Box - eBay (item 310012227041 end time Jan-09-08 19:01:01 PST)

Do you like doll house furniture?

This Early American Cast Iron Furniture Set is still in the original box marked, "Made in Taiwan Republic of China." It includes four pieces. There's a couch or sofa or love seat and a chair and a footstool, all with a tufted look and sweet details. See the heart shape openings in the back of the couch and chair?

There's also a table with an ornate leg and base. The table top isn't level. The photo showing the side view shows the wonky tilt.

I'm charmed by the way the couch and chair parts are held together with a nail through a tab and slot deal in the center back. The center of the table top sports a flat screw head.

The original box is in deplorable condition. The lid is torn and stained, one side is torn halfway down, and the couch feet are sticking out the bottom of the box. One side has handwritten, "Furniture Set Meg" and another side says, "3928."

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