Friday, January 9, 2009


Vintage GASPARI WIRE FRAME EYE GLASSES 10-12 K GF, Case - eBay (item 310114674912 end time Jan-12-09 18:11:02 PST)

This vintage pair of bifocal eye glasses is marked on the bridge, "1/10-12 K G.F. Gaspari G 20" and on both temples, "1/10-12 K G.F." The bridge and frame that curves around the tops of the lenses to the nose pads are plain, the hinges and temples have art deco decorative carving. They have floating nose pads for comfort.

The glasses are in excellent condition except for a tiny chip in the bottom edge of the left lens. The metal case is very nice inside and has a few marks in the faux leather finish.

This style of temple that wraps around the back of the ear is great for active people. These spectacles will not fall off, even if you turn upside-down.

The glasses measure 118 mm wide across the front, the distance between the lenses is 22 mm, and the temples are 110 mm long from hinge join to the middle of the ear curve. The lenses measure 44 mm wide and 40 mm high. The lenses are attached to the frame with screws through holes in the lenses.

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