Friday, December 5, 2008

Joe Wehrle ORIGINAL ART Published in Eternity SF Mag!

Joe Wehrle ORIGINAL ART Published in Eternity SF Mag! - eBay (item 310105222147 end time Dec-05-08 18:28:57 PST)

This vintage signed original art was created by Joe Wehrle, Jr. in 1976 and appeared in the final issue of Eternity Science Fiction magazine. It is India ink on scratchboard, 8 x 11" with the original protective tissue that was attached before mailing to the editor. It bears the notation that it is to be reproduced at 100%.

We don't remember much after all these years about the story this art illustrated. The image is a girl who is looking to break away from an abusive situation. We have the issue somewhere around here. Do you have a copy?

Wehrle is noted for work in Galaxy and IF digest science fiction magazines, covers and interior illustrations in Arkham House and other Mirage Press books, illustrations for Burroughs-oriented journals and on a lighter note, the story and drawings in the Big Little Book Cauliflower Catnip.

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Vintage Fulvue 12K GF WIRE FRAME EYE GLASSES Engraved!

Vintage Fulvue 12K GF WIRE FRAME EYE GLASSES Engraved! - eBay (item 310105538727 end time Dec-06-08 19:40:46 PST)

This vintage pair of wire frame bifocal eye glasses is marked, "/OFULVUE/10-12K GF" on the bridge and "/O1/10 12K GF" on both temples. The bridge, hinges, temples and rims have art deco decorative carving. They have floating nose pads for comfort.

The metal glasses case has worn black faux leather fabric outer covering and is lined with black velvet that's loosened from the lid. The lenses are pitted much like my father's were from welding sparks.

This style of temple that wraps around the back of the ear is great for active people. These spectacles will not fall off, even if you turn upside-down.

The glasses measure 114 mm wide across the front, the distance between the lenses is 19 mm, and the temples are 115 mm long from hinge join to the middle of the ear curve. The lenses measure 42 mm wide and 38 mm high. The bridge and hinges are attached to rims fully enclosing the lenses.

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Vintage Pink Tom Thumb CASH REGISTER, Orig Box, Bills!

Vintage Pink Tom Thumb CASH REGISTER, Orig Box, Bills! - eBay (item 310105249755 end time Dec-05-08 20:29:41 PST)

This seventies vintage Tom Thumb Cash Register is pink, all steel model 1549, aimed at girls. It comes in the original box and has five bills and two coins of the play money, plus a stray bill from another game.

The box says, "The Original Tom Thumb All Steel Cash Register
  • Generous Supply of Play Money
  • Rugged Steel Construction
  • Chrome Front
  • Baked Enamel Finish
  • 9 Keys Plus Drawer Open Button
Model 1549. Western Stamping Corporation, Jackson, Michigan.

It works great! You can press any combination of keys and the number tabs will pop up. Hit the "Push" button and the drawer pops open.

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Vintage Kodak DUAFLEX II TLR CAMERA 620 Film Kodet Lens

Vintage Kodak DUAFLEX II TLR CAMERA 620 Film Kodet Lens - eBay (item 310105223258 end time Dec-05-08 18:32:03 PST)

This vintage Kodak Duaflex II twin-lens reflex camera has a nice wide viewfinder under the flip-up top. It gives you a bright, clear view of your subject despite scuffs on the front viewfinder lens and minor dust inside. There's a slider on the left with the slot marked "I" at the top end and "B" at the bottom end. The shutter button is on the right. A camera mount is on the bottom.

The front is marked, "Kodak Duaflex II Camera. Kodet Lens." Depress a latch to open the back and find this information:
Kodak Duaflex II Camera, T.M. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
Pats. U.S.A. D.E.S. 140,909 148,790 151,059 2,367,504 2,422,018 2,423,706 2,432,479 2,484,510
This Camera Does Not Take 120 Film
Use Kodak 620 Film
Made in Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak Company

  • Place empty spool in upper recess. Engage winding key.
  • Swing out lower spool holder. Place new roll between pins.
  • Break seal, draw paper, colored side up, over square opening to empty spool.
  • Insert end of paper in longer spool slot. Wind knob 2 turns. Close camera.
  • Wind to 1 in red window.
The camera is in very nice condition. Besides the scuffed front viewing lens and dust inside, the carry handle is missing. The shutter works fast and the film pins are both here.

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Vintage Red Metal GILBERT BIG-BOY TOOL CHEST, 3 Tools!

Vintage Red Metal GILBERT BIG-BOY TOOL CHEST, 3 Tools! - eBay (item 310105220740 end time Dec-05-08 18:23:09 PST)

This vintage metal tool chest is red metal with two paper graphics. The small one on the lid shows an old-fashioned boy using a wood plane, and it says, "Gilbert Big-Boy Tool Chest." The large inner lid graphic says the same thing, plus "No." (but the number isn't there), The A.C. Gilbert Company--New Haven, Conn. U.S.A. Made in America, Printed in U.S.A." Art deco accents surround an image of two old-fashioned boys building a small bookcase.

The inner lid graphic also shows lots of possible projects to make, like a sled, wagon, boat, shelf, dog house, etc. Someone wrote inside the lid in black crayon the price "2.50."

Contents include three of the original tools: small wooden level, small handsaw, six-inch metal square. Also in the box are an old painted wooden stand with a metal sign that says "Ski Jumper" of all things. There's also a pretty useless looking little metal device we'll just call a gizmo. If you have the tools and no chest, here's the chest and you're good to go.

The chest has much patina and soiling, dents and dings and a wonky corner on the lid. One of the two metal latches is missing. The handle has almost no original finish left. The small outer lid graphic has small bits missing and much age darkening. The inner lid graphic is still bright and has minor damage.

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