Sunday, March 23, 2008


Vintage Wood DE LUXE SET ICE MALLET AND BAG, Orig Box! - eBay (item 310034713545 end time Mar-30-08 17:30:44 PDT)

This vintage kitchen ice mallet and bag in original box come from the days when the ice man delivered a block of ice for your ice box. The box is marked, "De Luxe Set Ice Mallet and Bag, Hand Made Hard wood, A Norteyre Product."

The instruction sheet says, in part:
In order to obtain a 'frost' on a glass it is imperative that the ice be DRY. The best method of obtaining dry ice is to crack it all at once and as quickly as possible in a bag which will crush it rapidly and efficiently and then use the ice immediately before it becomes sloppy.

The Norteyre de Luxe Ice Mallet & Bag was designed especially for this purpose and will crack ice quickly and efficiently in large or small quantity, better than any other device as time and use have proven.
It includes a "Kentucky Mint Julep Recipe of a famous Kentucky Colonel."

The mallet is smooth and free of dents as if never used or impervious to damage, but the bag has minor stains which suggest the set has been used. There's some loss of finish on the mallet. It measures 13 1/2 by 5 by 1 3/4 inches. The canvas bag measures 14 by 7 1/4 inches and smells faintly like a boat sail or tent.

The pasteboard box has damage, one end of the lid is completely separated. The instruction sheet is stained.

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