Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Vintage Packet 12 WESTMINSTER ABBEY SEPIA PHOTOGRAPHS! - eBay (item 310013616667 end time Jan-15-08 19:52:25 PST)

This old textured paper packet from England contains twelve real photographs of Westminster Abbey. The packet says, "Westminster Abbey, 12 Real Photographs, One Shilling, Published by Walter Scott Bradford Yorks (Sepia)."

Each sepia photo measures 3.5 by 2.5 inches. The name of the image is in script on each photo back. The twelve images (in no particular order) include:
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Coronation Chair, Westminster Abbey
  • Henry VII's Chapel, Westminster Abbey
  • Chapter House, Westminster Abbey
  • Unknown Warrior's Grave, Westminster Abbey
  • Nightingale Monument, Westminster Abbey
  • Statesman's Corner, Westminster Abbey
  • The Poet's Corner, Westminster Abbey
  • The East Cloister, Westminster Abbey
  • The Norman Undercroft, Westminster Abbey
  • The Choir Looking West, Westminster Abbey
  • Eduard The Confessor's Shrine, Westminster Abbey
These are beautiful crisp and clear photos showing details of the ornate and historic structures. They're a great way to travel to England in the comforts of your armchair.

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Tabletop SPIDER-MAN PINBALL GAME w/ Batteries, Works!

Tabletop SPIDER-MAN PINBALL GAME w/ Batteries, Works! - eBay (item 310013389295 end time Jan-14-08 20:28:43 PST)

This Spider-Man table-top pinball game is loaded with four C batteries and works great. The back is marked, "©2004 Funrise Toys. Inc. Made in China." The battery compartment door shows how to place the four "C UM2 LR14 1.5V" batteries. You need a Phillips screwdriver to open the battery compartment.

I set this on a table to play it and needed to put something under the far end of the game so gravity would move the ball down the field. If there were legs on the game to lift the far end, they're not here now. Propping it up on something like a book works fine.

There's a small on/off switch on the back. The sticker on the back of the header says, "Turn dial on other side of header to adjust high score manually." The header folds down for storage. The spring pull, buttons, scoring, lights and sounds all work.

What a great way to practice and develop your pinball skills without going broke! It makes sounds and lights up as you score points and they rack up on the score.

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