Saturday, January 3, 2009

50-Yr-Old SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION Magazine Weird Monsters

50-Yr-Old SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION Magazine Weird Monsters - eBay (item 310113322761 end time Jan-06-09 19:17:27 PST)

This copy of "Super-Science Fiction" Vol. 3, No. 6, October, 1959 is labeled the "Weird Monster Issue!" This vintage bi-monthly magazine features a front cover by Ed Emshwiller. It's wall-to-wall stories with only four ads inside the covers and the back cover sells a mens Wonder Slim girdle-type belt.

  • Novelettes
    • The Loathsome Beasts by Dan Malcolm. They came from the sea, huge, hideous and hungry.
    • The Man Who Could Levitate by Abraham Stern. Jan had an extraordinary power. He had to be careful.
  • Short Stories
    • The Monsters Came by Night by Charles D. Hammer. They came to torment. They came in revenge!
    • Asteroid of Horror by James Rosenquest. It was the feeding ground of an abominable THING.
    • Flying Saucers in the Sea by F. X. Fallon. Skin-divers in an amazing underwater adventure.
    • The Great Secret by George H. Smith. What is it that a man doesn't wish to know?
    • The Insidious Invaders by Eric Rodman. Can a more inclusive form of life swallow up man?
  • Features
    • Is Russia Ahead on Anti-Gravity? by Scott Nevets
    • Science Shorts by Edgar P. Strauss
  • Cover by EMSH
  • Illustration by Emsh and Orban
This magazine issue is so pristine it looks like it was on the stands yesterday instead of 50 years ago. There is minor foxing on the back cover edges betraying its age.

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