Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vintage Premium HENRY COMIC Poll-Parrot Shoes Giveaway!

Vintage Premium HENRY COMIC Poll-Parrot Shoes Giveaway! - eBay (item 310017209689 end time Jan-30-08 20:18:17 PST)

This vintage full-color Henry comic book by Carl Anderson was given away free by Poll-Parrot shoe stores. It's marked, "Boys' and Girls' March of Comics, No. 112. Published by K. K. Publications, Inc., Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Copyright, 1954 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World Rights Reserved. Printed in U.S.A. Designed and produced by Western Printing & Lithographing Co."

If you know Henry, you know he never spoke. Well, in this comic, he talks plenty! The story "Fool's Gold" is 28 pages long with 4 pages of puzzles and activities. It's charming from one end to the other and sucked me into reading it when I was trying to scan pictures.

The cover you see here is a copy of the original which was so brittle you couldn't touch it without it falling apart. My artist husband restored it carefully, scanned and printed this facsimile. He attached it to the comic with the original staples. The major difference is there are no ads on the inside covers. The vintage inner pages are as supple as the new cover, so it's now easy to read.

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Vintage SOUTHERN BELLE TOILET PAPER COVER Ceramic Doll! - eBay (item 310017196102 end time Jan-30-08 18:50:19 PST)

This vintage doll toilet paper cover has a ceramic body and fancy satin hoop skirt with a lace panel, braid and ruffle trims and a bow.

She's quite old. I'm sure her skirt used to be a lighter and shiny pink. The satin has become darker, discolored and developed holes on her right hip.

I bet she would stand up straighter with a roll of toilet paper in her skirt instead of this crumpled paper. Don't know what I was thinking. Too late smart, eh?

The ceramic body is still shiny, no chips, cracks or crazing. There's a faint mark on her chest, a tiny dark spot on the underside of her nose and a big dark spot on her right back. She could be cleaned up a bit better.

She could look fabulous with a new skirt made like her old one. Maybe make it a bit bigger to cover modern jumbo rolls?

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Vintage CAPITOL BUILDING JEWELRY CASKET BOX Souvenir JB - eBay (item 310017193453 end time Jan-30-08 18:36:18 PST)

This vintage box is marked, "Capitol Washington DC" on the front and "1958 JB" on the bottom. It was made by the Jennings Brothers. I don't know if the number is the year or the model number. It's heavy metal with a gold finish and is lined with purple velvet.

It measures about 3 1/2 by 5 inches wide outside, stands 4 1/4 inches high, with a compartment 4 inches by 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/4 inches. The lid doesn't fit down tight on the right due to someone's sturdy, but inexact repair of the hinge on that side.

My father-in-law had a silver-colored one like this that he got on his wedding trip to Niagara Falls in 1939. It sat on his dresser and held his college ring and cuff links.

The metal finish shows wear. The velvet lining is in excellent condition. It's hefty, weighing over a pound and a half.

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Vintage 1938 AUTOBRIDGE JUNIOR Perfect Bridge Teacher!

Vintage 1938 AUTOBRIDGE JUNIOR Perfect Bridge Teacher! - eBay (item 310016991964 end time Jan-29-08 20:37:54 PST)

This vintage box contains a masonite board with metal sliders that hide or reveal numbers, symbols and moves for playing bridge. Inside the lid is the envelope the playing sheets came in. It says there are two classes, a series for beginners and one for advanced players. This set is marked ©1938 by Autobridge, Inc.

One of the creators of this system, Ely Culbertson, says:
If I were learning to play Contract Bridge all over again, I would use AUTOBRIDGE and save both time and temper. AUTOBRIDGE not only teaches (in no time) the fundamental principles of good bidding and play, but, through actual practice, makes a real expert out of any player.

For a thrilling Bridge game in which every hand is packed with drama, the AUTOBRIDGE Advanced Deals cannot be beat. They will put you on your mettle and teach you the fine points of advanced play.

And don't forget--the Instruction Series in not only for beginners and average players but is indispensable for all. The lack of knowledge of fundamentals is the one barrier standing between an advanced and a masterly game.
There are eight sheets included with a different game on each side. A four-page leaflet explains the sample games. A twelve-page booklet accompanies this set of deal sheets which is Group 5. It urges you to order Group 6 to finish the course. There are two order forms, but don't try to order. The address is so old there's no zip code.

Group 5 focuses on:
  • Rebids. (Note: This is probably the most important phase of bidding.)
  • How to rebid after a rebid after a Raise: after a Takeout.
  • Rebidding first suit.
  • Bidding a new suit.
  • Bidding Notrump.
  • Raising partner's suit.
  • Rebids when partner's response is 2 Notrump.
  • When partner has made Forcing Takeout.
  • Rebidding strong hands.
  • General Principles.
The leaflet seems to refer to 12 games and 4 sample plays, so the 8 sheets here with games front and back must be the complete set.

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