Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Vintage SOUTHERN BELLE TOILET PAPER COVER Ceramic Doll! - eBay (item 310017196102 end time Jan-30-08 18:50:19 PST)

This vintage doll toilet paper cover has a ceramic body and fancy satin hoop skirt with a lace panel, braid and ruffle trims and a bow.

She's quite old. I'm sure her skirt used to be a lighter and shiny pink. The satin has become darker, discolored and developed holes on her right hip.

I bet she would stand up straighter with a roll of toilet paper in her skirt instead of this crumpled paper. Don't know what I was thinking. Too late smart, eh?

The ceramic body is still shiny, no chips, cracks or crazing. There's a faint mark on her chest, a tiny dark spot on the underside of her nose and a big dark spot on her right back. She could be cleaned up a bit better.

She could look fabulous with a new skirt made like her old one. Maybe make it a bit bigger to cover modern jumbo rolls?

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