Monday, September 29, 2008

Soft Cover Reprint CAPTAIN BRITAIN Davis, Delano Comics

Soft Cover Reprint CAPTAIN BRITAIN Davis, Delano Comics - eBay (item 310088219550 end time Oct-04-08 19:21:58 PDT)

This vintage soft cover book Captain Britain by Alan Davis and Jamie Delano with introduction by Chris Claremont was published in 1988. Captain Britain was a Marvel comic for the UK.

From the introduction:
What you have here is a compendium of the final seventeen installment of Cap's UK run--for although a critical knockout, there just never seemed to be a sufficient audience to make his title viable. It begins with "Bad Moon Rising"--the aftermath of the classic "Jaspers Warp" story line that had run the previous year (and which remains to my mind one of the most emotionally powerful stories Alan Moore has ever written)--and concludes with "Should Auld Acquaintance"... And what do you get along the way? The formal introduction and evolution of Cap's lover, Meggan. The Crazy Gang. Vixen. Gatecrasher and her Technet. The final confrontation between Cap and his arch-foe Slaymaster. Yet another Satur-nyne. The Warpies. The RCX. King Croc and some shocking revelations about Brian's older brother, Jamie. Love and death, honour and glory, triumph and tragedy. And, of course, tea (and sympathy) at the Scott house.

Not to mention, some superb scripting by Jamie Delano--and last, but far from least, the art of Alan Davis.

So, in a very real sense, what you have here is about as good as this genre gets--top-notch stories, evocatively told, about people you care for and villains you can easily love to hate, with endings that move you. The power of simplicity. An entertainment.
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

1911 Book GREAT WAR ON WHITE SLAVERY Protect Our Girls!

1911 Book GREAT WAR ON WHITE SLAVERY Protect Our Girls! - eBay (item 310087612830 end time Oct-02-08 18:30:00 PDT)

This vintage hard cover copy of The Great War on White Slavery by Clifford G. Roe was published in 1911 by Clifford G. Roe and B. S. Steadwell, president of American Purity Federation--Editor of "The Light." It has photos and "Illustrated with Thirty-two Half Tone Engravings Portraying this Terrible Slavery" showing how women and girls are led astray, white slave hunters, white slavers, and a notorious street in Chicago.

The front end paper has handwriting that says, "Presented to John by Annie, Christmas 1911." The title page says, "This Book is the Official Weapon in this Great Crusade--B. S. Steadwell. Horrors of the White Slave Trade. The Mighty Crusade to Protect the Purity of our Homes.
Truthful and chaste account of the hideous trade of buying and selling young girls for immoral purposes. Startling disclosures made by white slaves during the trials of many procurers and traders. The cruel and inhuman treatment of white slaves. The astounding confession of a pander. Graphic accounts of how white slaves are ensnared and a full exposition of the methods and schemes used to lure and trap the girls.


Containing a Full Account of the Great Fight for the Suppression of White Slavery and the Great Movement for Purity in Our Homes. By Hon. Clifford G. Roe, The Acknowledged Leader in the Fight Against White Slavery and Well-Known Author and Lecturer.
  • Introduction by B. S. Steadwell
  • Introduction by Rev. J. G. Shearer, Toronto, Canada
  • Chapter I. Home Sweet Home. The heart-rending story of Mildred Clark--At the Mercy of a Brutal Fiend--The Chain that Binds them--"Onward Christian Soldiers"--"For God's Sake come and get me"--Mildred's Own Story--The Elopement--The Broken Marriage Promise--A Prisoner in a Vile Resort--In the Grip of the Law
  • Chapter II. The Prodigal Daughter. The Lost is Found--Mildred returns from the house of bondage and joy and happiness reign in the Old Homestead--Gossiping Neighbors--The Scarlet Letter--Shunned by all--The "Christian" spirit in Church--The Sermon--The hypocrisy of the Social World
  • Chapter III. Our Double Standard of Morals. The False Standard of Morals--One for the Prodigal Son--A vastly different one for the Prodigal Daughter--One received in Society--The other a social outcast--There should be one Standard for All

  • Chapter IV. From a Pander to Protector of Girls. The Astounding Confession of Paul Sinclair--Twelve years devoted to procuring girls for houses of shame--His Redemption--Bearing his own Cross--Now one of the most ardent fighter against the White Slave Traffic--A Revolting Confession
  • Chapter V. Conversion of Slave Traders. Paul Sinclair's work of Atonement--Details of the experience of William Simes--His adventures in Chicago--How his conversion was brought about
  • Chapter V-A. The Part Women are Taking. False modesty overcome--Heroic work being done by noble women in all parts of the world--Inspiration in the message of Ellen M. Henrotin
  • Chapter VI. Whose Daughter Art Thou? Piteous appeals from parents--"Will you please help me find my daughter?"--The Author's office besieged daily--"If any one ruined my sister I would take my own revenge"--Every girl is somebody's daughter--Someone loves her
  • Chapter VII. How Panders Work Between Cities. How girls are lost--The pitiful Story of Anna C.--A trade in human flesh--Saved from a life of shame--Breaking up the traffic between Chicago and St. Louis--Nine of the brutes fined and imprisoned--How they work

  • Chapter VIII. Arguments For and Against the Slave Traders. Address to the Jury by the Prosecuting Attorney and the great fight to free the defendant
  • Chapter IX. How the Leader of the Gang was convicted. The impassioned argument of the Prosecuting Attorney that won the fight
  • Chapter X. Producing Country Girls for City Resorts. Methods of procuring girls from the country--"The Drummer Way"--"Theatrical" scheme--"The Employment Plan" and "The Love Game"--How to avoid the snares--Forewarned is forearmed--The Parents' Duty
  • Chapter XI. Large Cities are White Slave Markets. "The White Slave Market"--Girls for sale body and soul--The question of supply and demand--Many are slaved by conditions which surround them--The price--Facts about the White Slave Market
  • Chapter XII. The White Slave Message from Chicago. The appalling exposition of vice, lust and shame--The human stockyards and the slaughter house for girls--The REign of Debauchery--A night of horror--Chicago the first city to clean up--The exposition of vice going and going forever

  • Chapter XIII. Procuring and Prostitution in New York. By Hon. James Bronson Reynolds, Asst. Dist. Atty., New York City. White Slavery and Vice in America's Largest City on the Increase--Public Aroused--How it Must be Fought
  • Chapter XIV. The Rockefeller Grand Jury Presentment. The Mistake of the Press--How the Newspapers throughout the country "Whitewashed" New York--Editorial efforts to rectify the error--The Presentment--White Slavery rampant in New York--Girls bought for $60 and $75--Recommendations to stamp out the evil
  • Chapter XV. The New England States Awakened. "The Boston Hypocrisy"--How the Author Awakened the New Englanders--The White Slave Trade Flourishing--Pandering Around Plymouth Rock--Breaking up the Panama Gang--Heroic work against the Evil--Chained to a wall--The warp and woof of White Slavery--Let the good work go on
  • Chapter XVI. Are There Procurers in San Francisco? By Rev. Jacob Nieto, Rabbi Congregation Sherith Israel, San Francisco, Cal. How this City is Used as a Port of Entry--Traders and Their "Wares"--Traveling with "Samples"--Stamping Out White Slavery
  • Chapter XVII. From the Atlantic to the Pacific. The War AGainst White Slavery in Many STates--The Unrelenting Battle Now raging from Coast to Coast--Panders brought to Justice in Many Cities

  • Chapter XVIII. Some Economic Causes for White Slavery. The Disreputable DAnce Hall--Some Unknown Statistics--A Great Evil--The Remedy--Other Causes--Prominent Women in the Fight
  • Chapter XIX. Are Lost Girls Lost Altogether? By Rev. Ernest A. Bell, B. A. The Christian Spirit Toward the Erring Ones--Bishop Vincent's address--"For God's Sake Save Me"--The Prayer of a Fallen Woman
  • Chapter XX. Segregation Versus Elimination. By Rev. Ernest A. Bell, B. A. The Theory of Segregation--Defended by People of High Character--What it Really is--A District Where White Slave Traders May Operate Their Immoral Houses Without Fear of the Law--The Red Mill and What it Grinds--Elimination of Vice the Only Remedy
  • Chapter XXI. The Devil's Siamese Twins. By Rev. Ernest A. Bell, B. A. Liquor and Lust--The Inseparable Twins--The Saloon and the Brothel the Arch-Destroyer of Women--Vice Cannot Exist Without Drink--The Tragedy of Lotty--True Stories and Incidents Gathered in the Underworld of Vice and Shame
  • Chapter XXII. Articles by Those Who Know. Short Articles on the White Slave Evil by Professor Jeremiah W. Jenks, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y.; G. Stanley Hall, President, Clark University, Worcester, Mass.; Rev. James M. Cleary, Pastor Church of the Incarnation, Minneapolis, Minn.; St. Clair Adams, District ATtorney, New Orleans, La.; Leonard A. Watson, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Chapter XXIII. Legislation Against Panders and Court Decisions. Ammunition for Those Fighting the White Slave Cases in Courts--Model Laws for Legislatures, etc.
  • Chapter XXIV. The Iowa "Red Light" Injunction Law. How the Great Prairie State Cleaned Out the Vice Districts--Accomplished by Special Legislation--The Law that Made it Possible
  • Chapter XXV. America's Awakening. Women in the Crusade to Protect the Home. The fairest heritage in life being undermined by a hideous monster known as White Slavery--The Greatest Fight the World has ever Known--Who are doing the fighting--Our weapons--Publicity, Education, Enlightenment--What America's Women are Doing in the Fight
  • Chapter XXVI. The Chicago Vice Commission Report. Astounding Facts--Chicago Spends $15,000,000 Annually for Vice--5,000 Young Girls Destroyed Every Year in White Slavery--Bad Homes a Cause--Temptations of Young Girls--Changes recommended
  • Chapter XXVII. The World's Congress. By Wm. Alexander Coote, Sec'y National Vigilance Association, London, England. The First International Congress for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic held in Madrid, Spain--Twenty-four Nations represented--Treaty Signed--All nations except Turkey, agree to co-operate to search for, find and return to their native land all victims of the traffic and to capture the heartless White Slave Traders

  • Chapter XXVIII. What the Doctors are Doing. By B. S. Steadwell. The fallacy of the past--The splendid work of today--The fight on social diseases--The Brussels Conference--Educating the Public--"The Conspiracy of Silence"--The work of the State Boards of Health--Horrible facts that must be known and methods of prevention
  • Chapter XXIX. Facts Every Boy and Girl Should Know. The Importance of Teaching Social Hygiene in Early Childhood--Necessary part of the Equipment of every young person--The duty of Parents and Teachers--The Child's Right to a Knowledge of Sex from the Standpoint of the Parent, the Educator, the Physician and Religion
  • Chapter XXX. "An Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure." By B. S. Steadwell, Pres. American Purity Federation--Editor of "The Light." "Why didn't mother tell me," the pathetic tale of a young girl and the awful result of ignorance--"If Dad had only told me about these things"--How a young man's life was ruined--"Wild oats" and what they bring
  • Chapter XXXI. The Great Purity Movement. By B. S. Steadwell, Pres. American Purity Federation--Editor of "The Light." The Social Evil the World's Greatest Sin--The Purity Movement--Origin and Growth--Organized to battle and set the White Slaves of vice free--International in Scope--The Pledge--Organizing branches in every church in the Country--The Purity Movement destined to be the greatest force for good in the World

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rare Mixed Edition TARZAN, ANT MEN Edgar Rice Burroughs

Rare Mixed Edition TARZAN, ANT MEN Edgar Rice Burroughs - eBay (item 310085815685 end time Sep-26-08 18:13:33 PDT)

This vintage hard cover copy of Tarzan and the Ant Men by Edgar Rice Burroughs is a mixed edition--the first edition McClurg pages from 1924 are bound into orange 1925 Grosset and Dunlap boards. It says Grosset and Dunlap on the spine, McClurg on the title page. It's a very scarce edition.

It's a nice copy with the front and back end papers replaced, a facsimile Grosset and Dunlap dust jacket and a facsimile frontispiece from another edition. The Zeuschner Bibliography says that many copies seem to have been bound without the frontispiece.

The story is wonderfully imaginative 1924 Burroughs, where Tarzan goes into battle with the tiny ant man riders.

First two paragraphs of Chapter One:
In the filth of a dark hut, in the village of Obebe the cannibal, upon the banks of the Ugogo, Esteban Miranda squatted upon his haunches and gnawed upon the remnants of a half-cooked fish. About his neck was an iron slave collar from which a few feet of rusty chain ran to a stout post set deep in the ground near the low entranceway that let upon the village street not far from the hut of Obebe himself.

For a year Esteban Miranda had been chained thus, like a dog, and like a dog he sometimes crawled through the low doorway of his kennel and basked in the sun outside. Two diversions had he; and only two. One was the persistent idea that he was Tarzan of the Apes, whom he had impersonated for so long and with such growing success that, like the good actor he was, he had come not only to act the part, but to live it--to be it. He was, as far as he was concerned, Tarzan of the Apes--there was no other--and he was Tarzan of the Apes to Obebe, too; but the village witch doctor still insisted that he was the river devil and as such, one to propitiate rather than to anger.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vintage Old Spice Ship SHAVING MUG, Ever-Ready BRUSH!

Vintage Old Spice Ship SHAVING MUG, Ever-Ready Brush! - eBay (item 310084466088 end time Sep-21-08 20:00:02 PDT)

This vintage shaving mug and brush are from two manufacturers. The mug is an Old Spice milk glass mug with a ship on the side marked "Ship Friendship." The bottom is embossed, "Early American Old Spice, Shulton, Inc., Clifton, N.J., 19."

The brush has natural bristles and the handle may be Bakelite. The base is marked, "Sterilized Ever-Ready 100T, Made in U.S.A."

They may be quite old if the faded colors on the mug and the discolored band and crack on the brush handle are any indication. The bristles are still firmly embedded, good for many, many shaves.

Now all you need to shave like your grandpa did is some soap and water, whiskers, razor, mirror and steady hand. Good luck!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008


HOW TO BUILD DOLLHOUSES, FURNITURE Great Easi-Bild HC! - eBay (item 310083589455 end time Sep-18-08 19:07:29 PDT)

How to Build Dollhouses and Furniture is a fabulous book! It's one of many Easi-Bild Simplified Directions by Donald R. Brann. This hardcover is the second printing of the 1976 book.

There are three houses, one cleverly designed so your child can knock down and fold it into the base for moving or storage. Another set of designs in another book shows how to build a mini-stable for your child's love of horses, then how to build a real one. But back to this book: it includes how to build great furniture for your dollhouse. It provides two versions of a colonial cradle and a chair, plus a drop-leaf table, corner cabinet, bed, hutch, bookshelves, and more.

  • To Make a Dream Come True
  • Tools Needed
  • The Dream Dollhouse
  • Packaway Dollhouse
  • Open Back Colonial Dollhouse
  • How to Build Dollhouse Furniture
  • Fireplace Mantel
  • Montpelier Bookcase
  • Colonial Cradle
  • Colonial Step Stool
  • Shaker Hutch
  • Drop Leaf Table
  • Dining and Occasional Chairs
  • Rope Spring Bed
  • Corner Cupboard
  • Colonial Fireside Bench
  • Cobblers Bench
  • Corner Shelf
  • Colonial Planter
  • China Cabinet
  • Valance Boards
  • A Doll's Doll Carriage
To Make A Dream Come True
Step by step directions explain how to build three different dollhouses, the installation of switch operated overhead lighting; plus a wide selection of dollhouse furniture and a doll carriage. Before deciding which dollhouse, and/or furniture, fills your immediate need, read through the book, cover to cover. Note the tools and materials needed, how and when overhead lighting can be installed. Those who wonder why three dollhouses are offered, soon discover they have entered an entirely new world of fun, relaxation and profit. Building one dollhouse invariably fascinates the builder. The hours required prove completely relaxing. The results achieved make them feel like an instant hero.

What starts out as a challenge turns into a part or full time business everyone with time can enjoy. Highly successful executives, living under considerable pressure, to retirees with too much time on their hands, to those temporarily unemployed, find release building the projects offered in this book. Because of size and breakage, a completely assembled dollhouse costs a bundle to pack and ship even a short distance. All materials purchased locally cost considerably less than shipping charges and/or a trade discount.
Someone made one of these dollhouses. I found sawdust in the page of patterns, with pencil marks to show he made each part. In the crack of the next pattern page, I found a teensy nail. I'm not a carpenter, but looking at this book makes me itch to become one!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Vintage China CUPIE DOLL SHAKERS Kewpie Salt and Pepper

Vintage China CUPIE DOLL SHAKERS Kewpie Salt and Pepper - eBay (item 310083366558 end time Sep-17-08 20:36:51 PDT)

These vintage china salt and pepper shakers are cupie or kewpie dolls. The bottoms are stamped, "Japan" and have little cork stoppers.

They're identical, so good luck with choosing whether you've grabbed salt or pepper each time! The side view shows their little wings and they have their feet up as if all is right in their little cupie world.

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Vintage Boxful Ginger Ginny DOLL CLOTHES 9 Dresses Tags

Vintage Boxful Ginger Ginny DOLL CLOTHES 9 Dresses Tags - eBay (item 310083115466 end time Sep-16-08 20:50:49 PDT)

This 1950's vintage boxful of doll clothes includes nine outfits for a Vogue Ginger, Ginny, Muffy or Joanie Walker dolls. Two dresses are tagged. They'll fit 8" dolls. The box is marked, "Joanie Walker P.M.A. Dolls, Inc."

The outfits are:
  • red gingham apron dress and bonnet (no snaps)
  • embroidered white organdy dress (has snap and attached pink ribbon belt)
  • white flowered satin dress (has snap)
  • Vogue white and red cheerleader dress (Vogue tag, red-lined skirt, hook and eye)
  • pink, blue, gray taffeta dress (has snap and attached flowers at gold belt)
  • Fashions for Ginger lilac dress (Fashions for Ginger tag, has white snap that doesn't stay closed)
  • green and pink organdy dress (has pink snap)
  • pink satin and netting sun dress (has snap)
  • off-white textured satin gown (has snap)
  • discolored white lawn panties (have old masking tape at back)
  • 5 belts
    • stiff pink knitted plastic, frayed ends
    • white ribbon with crushed pale pink rose
    • tattered pale blue ribbon
    • pale lilac ribbon
    • dotted cotton appears to be a hem cut-off
The off-white textured satin gown is modeled by a Joanie Walker doll still in her box at this site:

The pink, blue and gray taffeta dress is modeled by a Lolly Pop doll on this page:

The cheerleader outfit tag says, "Vogue Dolls, Inc., Bedford, Mass., U.S.A. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." The lilac dress tag says, "Fashions for 'Ginger' ®Cosmopolitan Doll and Toy Corp., Jackson Heights, N.Y. ®Registered Trademark."

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

1954 Vintage U.S. PHOTOANGULATOR Military Engineer Tool

1954 Vintage U.S. PHOTOANGULATOR Military Engineer Tool - eBay (item 310082789332 end time Sep-15-08 21:02:29 PDT)

This 1954 vintage U.S. Photoangulator was for military engineers, possibly for making maps. A paper label on the lid says, "Qty. 1 En. SNL-18-5520.500.500, Nom. Photo Angulator w/ Access Case. Preserved July 54. Casad Engineer Depot." A metal label in the case says, "Scientific Engineering Co., 653 Eleventh Ave., New York 19, NY."

It has a "Loading Plan for Photoangulator Chest" map in the lid that lists the seven parts and where they go in the case. They are:
  • 1 Photo Arm
  • 1 Template, Long
  • 1 Template, Short
  • 1 Slide Rule
  • 1 Photo Angulator
  • 1 Spanner Wrench
  • 4 Position Pins
It turns out the paper I photographed is an instruction sheet for Draft Seal for a door--nothing to do with this set at all. And what I took for crumpled scrap paper in a small pocket on the right side is a packing list that names those same parts.

The packing list also says, "SNL-18-5520.500.500 Photo Angulator Photogrammetric Tri-Metrogen Oblique, 9 x 9 In. Photograph with Accessories. Manual and Spare Parts Not Required."

With the crumpled packing list is a small see-through packet of four position pins. When you open the case, there's a strange scent of metal and old age and gun oil. It's the complete set. I saw only one other for sale online, listed at $125.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stainless Steel HAND-CRANK EGG BEATER Spins Sad Story!

Stainless Steel HAND-CRANK EGG BEATER Spins Sad Story! - eBay (item 310081658522 end time Sep-11-08 18:28:10 PDT)

This hand-crank egg beater is marked, "Stainless Steel, Hong Kong" and has both metal and plastic gears. The handles are black plastic. The blades are surprisingly sharp. It's a cool-looking vintage kitchen utensil.

I have a story about it. My daughter is forty, expecting her first child and feels ravenous. She's been jonesing for The Dinner Diva Leanne Ely's pumpkin cheesecake like I made last Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year I just used a spoon as I don't have a mixer, so this time I thought I'd try this egg beater.

Big mistake. First, the beater needed cleaned up. See the haze on the blades? I thought I'd gotten it all off by scrubbing with a hot, sudsy dish cloth and scraping with my fingernails. I have two fingers with chewed hide as a result, because the blades are sharp. Who knew?

Then the cream cheese and honey were too thick for the beater to turn. Adding the pumpkin puree should have helped, but I could only grab the beater around the waist and stir the batter. Adding the four eggs one at a time didn't help either. You're not supposed to grunt and strain to crank an egg beater, are you?

The egg beater spins quite easily in dish water, but had a tendency to hang up now and then. You back up a bit and go again. When beating air--air beater?--it works great, all spinning jingles. I bet it would work well beating eggs, but certainly not gooey cheesecake batter.

How'd the cheesecake turn out? Great! My daughter and I enjoyed two slices each the next day--yum!

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Friday, September 5, 2008

"PHILCO" JAR OPENER Pat'd Sept 1922 Metal Gripper Jaws!

"PHILCO" JAR OPENER Pat'd Sept 1922 Metal Gripper Jaws! - eBay (item 310081429692 end time Sep-10-08 19:42:42 PDT)

This vintage bottle and jar opener is made of metal marked, "Philco" and "Pat'd Sept 1922" and "Conneaut, Ohio." The spring in the hinge keeps it open until you close it. The handles are dark red.

It's has teeth in the ring and teeth on two prongs. Perhaps the three upright parts on one side are for prying off a lid. The gripper jaws make a perfect circle well before you completely close the handles, so there's good gripping power here.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1906 SPARROW W/ ONE WHITE FEATHER Lady Ridley 16 Illos!

1906 SPARROW W/ ONE WHITE FEATHER Lady Ridley 16 Illos! - eBay (item 310080719611 end time Sep-08-08 17:06:14 PDT)

This green hardcover copy of The Sparrow with One White Feather was written by Lady Ridley, author of The Story of Aline, Anne Mainwaring and A Daughter of Jael. It was published in 1906 by E. P. Dutton & Company in New York and Smith, Elder, & Co., London.

  • I. Jean Finds the Sparrow's Nest
  • II. Jean Meets Her Friend Again
  • III. Tickets to Fairyland
  • IV. Through the Forest
  • V. Fairyland
  • VI. The Queen's Grand Court
  • VII. Jean, the Fairy
  • VIII. Bath and Breakfast
  • IX. Jean Comes Back to Her Own Country
  • X. Joy and Sorrow
  • XI. Jean Meets an Enemy
  • XII. Jean Takes a Voyage
  • XIII. Jean Makes Her Choice
  • XIV. The End
It's a charming story of how a little girl goes to Fairyland, her adventures there, and coming home again.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


EXPERIMENT IN AUTOBIOGRAPHY by HG Wells, HC w/ Portrait - eBay (item 310080486434 end time Sep-07-08 19:53:09 PDT)

This copy of Experiment in Autobiography by H.G. Wells is a 1967 Lippincott hardcover with dust jacket. The first edition of this book came out in 1934. The book includes drawings by the author, what he called "picshuas." It comes with a 3 1/2" by 5" print of a stipple portrait of Wells by Joe Wehrle, Jr., known for Mirage Press covers and other things. The artist printed his name below the image.

The dust jacket front flap says,
This famous autobiography of H. G. Wells, first published in 1934, has been out of print for many years. Reissued here in the original text, it remains a rich and rewarding work, dealing with a multitude of impressions, individuals, and opinions, a fascinating reflection of a mind at work decades in advance of its time on ideas and principles still daring today. It ranges over his life and thoughts from his earliest youth past his sixty-fifth year, defending and criticizing everything, scientific, social, and personal, with the brilliance that made him celebrated for fifty years.

When Experiment in Autobiography appeared thirty-three years ago, H. L. Mencken wrote of its author, "His mind is really one of the most extraordinary that England has produced in our time. It moves swiftly and daringly and overlooks little that lies along his path." With the current strong revival of interest in Wells, this reissue of his autobiography thrusts him into present times as well.
On the back flap, H.G. Wells says,
This work, this jewel in my head for which I take myself seriously enough to be self-scrutinizing and autobiographical, is, it seems to me, a crystallization of ideas.... I have made the broad lines and conditions of the human outlook distinct and unmistakable for myself and for others. I have shown that human life as we know it, is only the dispersed raw material for human life as it might be. There is a hitherto undreamt-of fullness, freedom and happiness within reach of our species.... But if mankind fails to apprehend its opportunity, then division, cruelties, delusions and ultimate frustration lie before our kind. The decision to perish or escape has to be made within a very limited time. For escape, vast changes in the educational, economic and directive structure of human society are necessary.... But they demand courage and integrity. They demand a force and concentration of will and a power of adaptation in habits and usages which may or may not be within the compass of mankind. This is the exciting and moving prospect displayed by the crystal I have brought out of solution.

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Vintage TOLEDO BLADE BAYONET w/ SCABBARD Scarred Grip! - eBay (item 310080469587 end time Sep-07-08 18:29:51 PDT)

This vintage bayonet with scabbard is marked on one side, "ET18753C" with an emblem showing a sword and the words "Toledo, I.N.I." The other side has another embossed emblem.

I'm not sure if it's WWII or Vietnam era. I've seen bayonets just like this listed both ways on eBay.

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