Friday, September 12, 2008

Vintage Boxful Ginger Ginny DOLL CLOTHES 9 Dresses Tags

Vintage Boxful Ginger Ginny DOLL CLOTHES 9 Dresses Tags - eBay (item 310083115466 end time Sep-16-08 20:50:49 PDT)

This 1950's vintage boxful of doll clothes includes nine outfits for a Vogue Ginger, Ginny, Muffy or Joanie Walker dolls. Two dresses are tagged. They'll fit 8" dolls. The box is marked, "Joanie Walker P.M.A. Dolls, Inc."

The outfits are:
  • red gingham apron dress and bonnet (no snaps)
  • embroidered white organdy dress (has snap and attached pink ribbon belt)
  • white flowered satin dress (has snap)
  • Vogue white and red cheerleader dress (Vogue tag, red-lined skirt, hook and eye)
  • pink, blue, gray taffeta dress (has snap and attached flowers at gold belt)
  • Fashions for Ginger lilac dress (Fashions for Ginger tag, has white snap that doesn't stay closed)
  • green and pink organdy dress (has pink snap)
  • pink satin and netting sun dress (has snap)
  • off-white textured satin gown (has snap)
  • discolored white lawn panties (have old masking tape at back)
  • 5 belts
    • stiff pink knitted plastic, frayed ends
    • white ribbon with crushed pale pink rose
    • tattered pale blue ribbon
    • pale lilac ribbon
    • dotted cotton appears to be a hem cut-off
The off-white textured satin gown is modeled by a Joanie Walker doll still in her box at this site:

The pink, blue and gray taffeta dress is modeled by a Lolly Pop doll on this page:

The cheerleader outfit tag says, "Vogue Dolls, Inc., Bedford, Mass., U.S.A. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." The lilac dress tag says, "Fashions for 'Ginger' ®Cosmopolitan Doll and Toy Corp., Jackson Heights, N.Y. ®Registered Trademark."

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