Sunday, November 2, 2008

Springfield THERMOMETER BAROMETER in Rowboat, Orig Box!

Springfield THERMOMETER BAROMETER in Rowboat, Orig Box! - eBay (item 310097020753 end time Nov-06-08 20:08:48 PST)

This wooden boat with marine-style round thermometer and barometer is still in the original box and shrink wrap. The box is marked, "Springfield Precision Instruments Decorative Weather Center. The natural choice."

It's marked, "©2000 Springfield Precision Instrument, Inc. Wood made in China. Instruments made in USA. Assembled in U.S.A."

The sticker on the bottom front says, "Weather instruments are designed to rotate for realignment and may shift during shipment, simply adjust to your preference." Both instruments are sideways at the moment.

The boat is secured to the box back with two screws and washers. Somehow that didn't prevent a crack in the face of the barometer, shown in the fourth photo, and a close-up in the last photo. The sides of the boat are white with hunter green trim.

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