Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AVENGERS #4 March 1964 Capt. America Appearance XLNT!

AVENGERS #4 March 1964 Capt. America Appearance XLNT! - eBay (item 250411515139 end time Apr-26-09 19:03:18 PDT)

This pivotal issue of Avengers #4 published by Marvel in March, 1964 features the first Silver Age appearance of Captain America after a long hiatus. This is the original comic, not the Golden Record reprint. Gotta love that classic cover by Jack Kirby. Cast of characters includes Captain America, Giant Man, Thor, Iron Man, Sub-Mariner and The Wasp.

Let's talk about the condition. According to the Overstreet Comic Price Guide, a 6.0 Fine (FN) is:
"An above-average copy that shows minor wear but is still relatively flat and clean with no significant creasing or other serious defects." (This copy is flat as a freshly ironed hanky, has a very small crease beside Sub-Mariner, and a 1/4" scuff in the foxing near the spine on the back cover.)

"Some accumulation of minor bindery/printing defects is allowed." (There's a longer crease along the back cover edge that may have happened when it was bundled at the news dealer's.)

"Minor cover wear apparent, with minor to moderate creases." (No wear, two small Marvel chipping bits gone, see minor creases above.)

"Inks show a significant reduction in reflectivity." (None.)

"Blunted corners are more common, as is minor staining, soiling, discoloration, and/or foxing." (This copy has square corners, foxing stains on both sides of front and back cover, age darkening along edges inside covers.)

"Stamped or inked arrival dates may be present." (None.)

"A minor spine roll is allowed." (None.)

"There can also be a 1/4" spine split or severe color break." (None.)

"Staples may show minor discoloration." (None here--staples are on back of comic, shiny and pristine.)

"Minor staple tears and a few slight stress lines may be present, as well as minor rust migration." (No staple tears, no rust at all, a few shallow score marks at spine beside Captain America's name.)

"Paper is tan to brown and fairly supple with no signs of brittleness." (These pages are exactly like that.)

"Minor interior tears at the margin may be present." (Only read once, no tears.)

"Centerfold may be loose." (Nice and tight.)

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