Thursday, March 12, 2009

1942 McCALL PRINTED PATTERN 200 Ladies Ensemble Hepburn

1942 McCALL PRINTED PATTERN 200 Ladies Ensemble Hepburn - eBay (item 310128603154 end time Mar-17-09 19:16:58 PDT)

This McCall Printed Pattern 200 from 1942 is for Ladies' & Misses' Ensemble, Jacket, Skirt, Blouse, Slacks & Shorts. This is the crisp style Kate Hepburn wore in so many great old movies. The pattern is so old the number only has three digits, the envelope opens at the bottom, the seam allowance is 1/2" and the instructions are all on a single double-fold sheet. Also the sizes have changed a lot since then. They call this size 16, bust 34. They show a series of snaps to close the skirt, shorts and pants if you don't want a zipper.

It looks like someone made a jacket as those pieces have been cut and refolded along the original creases. The rest are sorted and have a straight pin through the blouse pieces and another through the shorts pieces. One jacket piece has a narrow strip torn off for about 4" along the bottom, but it's easy to see where the cut line goes.

The back of the pattern suggests there are instructions in English, French and Spanish, but I only see one sheet and it's in English. Here are the other dimensions for size 16:
  • Bust 34 ins.
  • Waist 28 ins.
  • Hip (7" below natural waistline) 37 ins.
  • Finished jacket length from back of neck 25 ins.
  • Fin. slacks length from natural waistline 42 ins.
  • Fin. skirt length from natural waistline 27 1/2 ins.
  • Width at lower edge of skirt, about 2 yds.
The envelope has minor wear and small tears. The pattern pieces look very good except for the narrow missing smidgen I mentioned above. The instruction sheet has a slit where the four folds meet at the center.

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