Monday, December 8, 2008


Vintage DURHAM DUPLEX STRAIGHT RAZOR KIT, 4 Orig Blades - eBay (item 310106118079 end time Dec-08-08 20:09:46 PST)

This vintage straight razor kit is a Durham Duplex Razor in original case lined with satin and velvet. The double-sided razor folds into a hollow tortoiseshell-colored celluloid handle. This kit includes four original blades.

The razor and case are marked, "Durham Duplex." The razor handle says, "Pat. U.S.A. Nov. 7, 11, and Foreign Countries, Made in U.S.A." The blades are in a paper embossed, "Durham Duplex, Packed in Special Anti-Rust Neutralized Paper, Patented U.S.A. Dec. 20, 1910?" The year is almost obliterated. The blades are marked, "Durham Duplex Razor Co., New York, N.Y. Pat'd. U.S.A. Nov. 7, 1911." Another paper with accordion folds probably held blades at one time and is stamped in blue ink with "1816" for some reason.

The cloth-covered metal case is worn through on one end, soiled and stained, and the lid closes a little crookedly. The razor looks great, could be cleaned up better. The razor blades are used and look pretty good except for some marks and one edge with chips.

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Donald Duck GHOST MORGAN Big Little Book, Carl Barks!

Donald Duck GHOST MORGAN Big Little Book, Carl Barks! - eBay (item 310106095494 end time Dec-08-08 18:15:57 PST)

This vintage Better Little Book is Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Ghost Morgan's Treasure, No. 1411, published in 1946. This is the first Donald Duck story that Carl Barks worked on. The original books from Whitman Publishing in the 1930s were called Big Little Books. From the 1940s they were called Better Little Books.

This copy is in nice shape with age darkening of covers and page edges. The front cover is smooth except for top bumped corner. The back cover corners are also bumped. Interior pages are very crisp and clean, nice and flexible. The spine is intact, with minor bends top and bottom and a couple of color scrapes on the edges.

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TALES FROM UNDERWOOD David H. Keller Arkham House First

TALES FROM UNDERWOOD David H. Keller Arkham House First - eBay (item 310106091166 end time Dec-08-08 17:59:49 PST)

This vintage first edition hard cover book with dust jacket is Tales From Underwood A Collection of the Best Fantastic Stories by David H. Keller, published in 1952 for Arkham House by Pellegrini & Cudahy. This isn't one of those little black volumes bound in Holliston Black Novelex as we're used to seeing from Arkham House.

Contents include 23 stories:
  • The Worm
  • The Revolt of the Pedestrians
  • The Yeast Men
  • The Ivy War
  • The Doorbell

  • The Flying Fool
  • The Psychophonic Nurse
  • A Biological Experiment
  • Free as the Air
  • The Bridle

  • Tiger Cat
  • The God Wheel
  • The Golden Bough
  • The Jelly Fish
  • The Opium Eater

  • The Thing in the Cellar
  • The Moon Artist
  • Creation Unforgivable
  • The Dead Woman
  • The Door

  • The Perfumed Garden
  • The Literary Corkscrew
  • A Piece of Linoleum
From the dust jacket:
Here are twenty-three of the best fantastic short stories of Dr. David H. Keller. The novel ideas of the writer of science fiction contain a strong note of criticism as well as of prophecy; the stories of the psychiatrist indicate a deep and penetrating knowledge of the secret recesses of the human mind.

Tales From Underwood is a cornerstone collection, representing both the best of Dr. Keller's shorter work, and an adequate cross-section of that work. Dr. Keller spent many years in the U.S. Army as a psychiatrist.
The interior pages are in wonderful condition. The cloth cover is in very nice condition except that a small piece was scraped off the top corner. The jacket is very good with a couple weak areas reinforced inside with the same kind of cover stock, and the same scraped corner replaced. There is age discoloration on the end papers.

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