Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stainless Steel HAND-CRANK EGG BEATER Spins Sad Story!

Stainless Steel HAND-CRANK EGG BEATER Spins Sad Story! - eBay (item 310081658522 end time Sep-11-08 18:28:10 PDT)

This hand-crank egg beater is marked, "Stainless Steel, Hong Kong" and has both metal and plastic gears. The handles are black plastic. The blades are surprisingly sharp. It's a cool-looking vintage kitchen utensil.

I have a story about it. My daughter is forty, expecting her first child and feels ravenous. She's been jonesing for The Dinner Diva Leanne Ely's pumpkin cheesecake like I made last Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year I just used a spoon as I don't have a mixer, so this time I thought I'd try this egg beater.

Big mistake. First, the beater needed cleaned up. See the haze on the blades? I thought I'd gotten it all off by scrubbing with a hot, sudsy dish cloth and scraping with my fingernails. I have two fingers with chewed hide as a result, because the blades are sharp. Who knew?

Then the cream cheese and honey were too thick for the beater to turn. Adding the pumpkin puree should have helped, but I could only grab the beater around the waist and stir the batter. Adding the four eggs one at a time didn't help either. You're not supposed to grunt and strain to crank an egg beater, are you?

The egg beater spins quite easily in dish water, but had a tendency to hang up now and then. You back up a bit and go again. When beating air--air beater?--it works great, all spinning jingles. I bet it would work well beating eggs, but certainly not gooey cheesecake batter.

How'd the cheesecake turn out? Great! My daughter and I enjoyed two slices each the next day--yum!

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