Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mens 9 D JUSTIN COWBOY BOOTS Brown Leather, New No Tag!

Mens 9 D JUSTIN COWBOY BOOTS Brown Leather, New No Tag! - eBay (item 310112762545 end time Jan-05-09 20:38:51 PST)

This pair of mens cowboy boots is marked, "Justin" on the sole, small cloth tags and inside the boots. The label inside the shaft says, "Justin Boots, Made in China, Comb. Last, Leather Upper, Balance Manmade. Size 9 D, Style JB1100 GC 0705."

Designed with understated elegance, they have same-color decorative stitching on shafts and instep. They're like new, smell nice inside, have no wear on heels or soles, no scuffs or scrapes. There's slight wrinkling at the back ankle area.

There is flawed stitching on the vertical seam of the outer right boot, a small thread loop on the vertical seam of the outer left boot, and messy stitching on two tabs inside the boots.

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Rare SFWA FORUM #27, 28, 30 Science Fiction Newsletters

Rare SFWA FORUM #27, 28, 30 Science Fiction Newsletters - eBay (item 310112586564 end time Jan-04-09 21:31:18 PST)

These three issues of SFWA Forum are No. 27, 17 December 1972; No. 28, 27 February 1973; and No. 30, 27 June 1973. George H. Scithers' editorship ended with No. 30 as Jerry Pournelle just became president. Offset-printed and bound with staples like a fanzine, they feature one front cover by Roy G. Krenkel, one by Ray Capella and one by Tim Powers. Interior illos are by Frank Kelly Freas, Dan Adkins, Michael Fountain, E. Michael Blake, Steve Stiles, and Eddie Jones.

  • No. 27 (10 pages)
    • Note, editorial
    • Letters from:
      • Robert Coulson
      • Robert E. Margroff
      • Scott Edelstein
      • A. Bertram Chandler
      • Bruce McAllister
      • Michael Bishop
      • Phyllis Eisenstein
      • Alpajpuri
      • S. Joyce Van Scyoc
    • From the President: Poul Anderson
    • Cover by Ray Capella; interior illos by E. Michael Blake, Steve Stiles and Eddie Jones
  • No. 28 (22 pages)
    • Note, editorial
    • Presidential Report: Poul Anderson's course of action to save SFWA
    • Secretarial Report: R. S. Coulson
    • Editor's Report: G. H. Scithers
    • Science Fiction Writers' Speakers' Bureau, Harvey L. Bilker
    • Science Fiction Writers' Speakers' Bureau Contract, Gordon R. Dickson
    • Letters from:
      • Joanna Russ
      • Charles Platt
      • Harry Harrison
      • Joseph Green
      • James Blish
      • E. Michael Blake
      • Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
      • A. Bertram Chandler
      • Poul Anderson
      • Harvey L. Bilker
      • G. H. Scithers
      • Arthur Byron Cover
      • John W. Jakes
    • Cover by Roy G. Krenkel; interior illos by Dan Adkins and Michael Fountain
  • No. 30 (24 pages)
    • Note, editorial
    • Letters from:
      • Arthur Byron Cover
      • Scott Edelstein
      • andrew j offutt
      • Brian W. Aldiss
      • Thomas F. Monteleone
      • Phyllis & Alex Eisenstein
      • Ted Cogswell
      • F. M. Busby
      • Harry Harrison
      • Michael Bátki Bratmann
      • Susan Janice Anderson
      • James Tiptree, Jr.
      • Nicholas Zvegintzov
      • A. Bertram Chandler
      • Dr. Willis E. McNelly
      • Richard A. Lupoff
      • Vonda N. McIntyre
      • Ernest Taves
      • John Millard
      • Harlan Ellison
    • Secretary, Treasurer Announcements, Joe W. Haldeman
    • Ex-President, Poul Anderson
    • New President, Jerry Pournelle
    • Cover by Tim Powers; interior illos by F. Kelly Freas

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Rare SFWA FORUM 24-26, 1972 Science Fiction Newsletters

Rare SFWA FORUM 24-26, 1972 Science Fiction Newsletters - eBay (item 310112357525 end time Jan-03-09 19:56:31 PST)

These three issues of SFWA Forum are No. 24, 15 August 1972; No. 25, 20 September 1972; and No. 26, 3 November 1972. George H. Scithers was editor and Poul Anderson just became president with No. 24. Offset-printed and bound with staples like a fanzine, they feature one front cover by Roy G. Krenkel and two front covers and all interiors by William Rotsler.

  • No. 24 (22 pages)
    • Note, editorial
    • Policy, G.H. Scithers
    • Mail, includes letters from:
      • James Tiptree, Jr.
      • Anonymous
      • Bill Pronzini
      • L. Sprague de Camp
      • George H. Scithers
      • Poul Anderson
      • Brig. Gen. Theodore R. Cogswell
      • Alex & Phyllis Eisenstein
      • Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
      • Norman Spinrad
      • Arthur C. Clarke
      • Howard Waldrop
      • Ben Bova
      • George H. Smith
      • John Brunner
    • Spring, poem by L. Sprague de Camp
    • Financial Report, Joe Haldeman
    • Secretary's Report, Robert Coulson
    • Cartoons by Rotsler
  • No. 25 (16 pages)
    • Note, editorial
    • Mail, includes letters from:
      • L. Sprague de Camp
      • H. K. Bulmer
      • Robert Hoskins
      • Barry N. Malzberg
      • Dean Koontz
      • President, Poul Anderson
      • Ursula K. Le Guin
      • Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
      • Scott Edelstein
      • Ejler Jakobsson
      • Ruth Berman
      • Roger Ellwood
      • Ernest H. Taves
      • George H. Scithers
    • Swordsmen illos by Rotsler
  • No. 26 (16 pages)
    • Note, editorial
    • Mail, including letters from:
      • Jim Gunn
      • Charles Platt
      • Thomas F. Monteleone
      • E. Michael Blake
      • Lin Nielson
      • A. Bertram Chandler
      • Secretary, Robert Coulson
      • Ex-Veep, Tom Purdom
      • New-Veep, Norman Spinrad
      • Ray Puechner
      • Harvey L. Bilker
      • Jerry Pournelle
      • G. H. Scithers
      • President, Poul Anderson
      • Damon Knight
      • Alpajpuri
    • Palm tree illos by Rotsler

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rare SFWA FORUM NO. 34, 1974 Science Fiction Newsletter

Rare SFWA FORUM NO. 34, 1974 Science Fiction Newsletter - eBay (item 310112123890 end time Jan-02-09 18:11:17 PST)

This issue of SFWA Forum was published in Summer 1974 when Theodore Cogswell was editor. Offset-printed and bound with staples like a fanzine, it features a front cover by Dave Prosser and art by William Rotsler.

  • Articles and Special Features
    • Editorial
    • Jack Dann's Wandering Stars: A Review, Yuri Prizel
    • Unto Us an Elwood Was Born, C.L. Grant
    • One Afternoon in Toronto, Jodi Offutt
    • In Cold Print: Writers and Underwriters, V.S. Navasky
    • The Notebooks of Mack Sikes, Part II, David Gerrold
    • Tips from the Treasurer, Part III, andrew j offutt
    • Secrets of the Secretary, Part I, Theodore R. Cogswell
  • The Mortal Storm (Letters)
  • The Back of the Book (Official Notices and Reports
Yuri Prizel's review of Wandering Stars starts out printed in an unreadable font--on purpose--and is translated on the following pages. C.L. Grant's piece interviews Roger Elwood. (One page is printed upside-down by accident.)

One Afternoon in Toronto is the story of a beer run to fuel a convention. A photo of nudists claims to be "Future of SFWA Panel." Victor Navasky's piece was reprinted from New York Times Book Review, 18 November 1973 with permission.

David Gerrold's humor piece is a take off on familiar titles, with synopses. Tips from the Treasurer was meant as helpful for cash-strapped writers and is now humorously far out of date with the changes in writing tools. Secrets of the Secretary is #1 in a Series of Tips for the Drinking Writer.

Letters include missives from: Poul Anderson, Harvey Bilker, Michael Bishop, Paul Bond, Ben Bova, F.M. Busby, Arthur Clarke, Miriam Allen Deford, Phyllis Eisenstein, T. R. Fehrenback, Los Fisher, Dick Geis, Glenn L. Gillettte, Joe Green, Harry Harrison, Robert Heinlein (another upside-down page), Phil Higgins, Virginia Kidd, Damon Knight, Sam J. Lundwall, Ruth Berman, George R. R. Martin, Larry Niven, William F. Orr, Rachel Payes, P. J. Plauger, Andrew Porter, Jerry Pournelle, Joanna Russ, Guy Snyder, John Steinbeck (reprinted letter to Paul Carter), James Tiptree, Jr., and Steven Utley. Phew!

In The Back of the Book, Frederik Pohl talks about what he found in the way of markets for stories in Eastern Europe. This is followed by club officer reports.

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Vintage REED'S ROCKET PECAN CRACKER Piston Nutcracker!

Vintage REED'S ROCKET PECAN CRACKER Piston Nutcracker! - eBay (item 310112122227 end time Jan-02-09 18:01:47 PST)

This metal piston-style nutcracker is embossed on the barrel, "Reed's Rocket Pecan Cracker, Pat. Pend." The screw bolt is adjustable for different size nuts. Lift the handle, insert nut between bolt and piston, depress the handle and Crunch!

There are remnants of pecan shell in the depressions, patina on all the metal parts and slight soiling and edge wear on the wooden base. The handle moves easily, good for cracking all the nuts you could ever need, not just pecans.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unknown Worlds British Anthology HELL HATH FURY, HC DJ!

Unknown Worlds British Anthology HELL HATH FURY, HC DJ! - eBay (item 310109403059 end time Dec-20-08 18:13:21 PST)

This vintage 1963 first edition hard cover copy of Hell Hath Fury is a British anthology containing seven fantasy fiction stories edited by George Hay. The stories were first published in Street & Smith's short-lived forties magazine Unknown Worlds. The book was published by Neville Spearman, Ltd. and comes with the original dust jacket.

  • Preface by George Hay
  • Hell Hath Fury novel by Cleve Cartmill
  • The Bleak Shore story by Fritz Leiber, Jnr.
  • The Frog story by P. Schuyler Miller
  • The Refugee story by Jane Rice
  • The Devil's Rescue story by L. Ron Hubbard
  • The Cloak story by Robert Bloch
  • The Extra Bricklayer story by A. M. Phillips
The book is in excellent condition with Wehman Bros. stamped on the title page, a price-clipped dust jacket and some minor foxing and age-darkening as seen in photos.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

CGC 6.5 SILVER SURFER #4 Thor, Low Dist. Marvel Comic!

CGC 6.5 SILVER SURFER #4 Thor, Low Dist. Marvel Comic! - eBay (item 310108893113 end time Dec-18-08 19:53:52 PST)

This vintage copy of Silver Surfer #4 published by Marvel Comics Group in February, 1969 is CGC slabbed at 6.5. Stan Lee story, John Buscema cover. John Buscema, Howard Purcell, Sal Buscema and Paul Reinman art. Thor appearance. Hulk, Thing and Hercules cameos. Tales of the Watcher backup story.

Restoration includes: very small amount of color touch on cover (black on two creases at staples). Off-white pages. CGC judged this copy to be worth $700 this May. It's pedigreed with illustrator Joe Wehrle, Jr. as the sole owner.

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Vintage WINCHESTER CRYSTAL CLEANER BOTTLE Paper Label! - eBay (item 310108886351 end time Dec-18-08 19:05:16 PST)

This vintage glass bottle comes complete with air bubbles in the glass and a paper label. It says, "Winchester Red W Trade Mark Reg. in U.S. Pat. Off. Crystal Cleaner. For dissolving the Copper and Nickel fouling from gun barrels." Price per bottle, 25 cts."

Apply freely with vigorous and repeated rubbing until coloration disappears; then wipe dry and oil with Winchester "Gun Grease." This preparation will not injure the barrel, and should always smell strongly of ammonia.

Prepared in Laboratory of Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn., U.S.A. 2175
There's a stain on the label and the bottom right corner is missing. The back of the slim squared bottle is embossed, "Winchester." The mouth looks chipped, but it's smooth as silk. It has a big air bubble and smaller bubbles, typical of vintage glass.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boys or Girls Size 2 Fancy Black SKECHERS COWBOY BOOTS!

Boys or Girls Size 2 Fancy Black SKECHERS COWBOY BOOTS! - eBay (item 310108883040 end time Dec-18-08 18:42:14 PST)

This pair of black Skechers cowboy boots would fit either a girl or boy, US size 2. They're manmade material, made in China, with embroidered legs, a silver-chained ankle belt embroidered "Skechers" on the back and have silver medallions and toe clips.

The label inside the foot says, "Somethin' Else from Skechers." The inner leg is stamped, "All Manmade Material, Made in China, US 2, UK 1, EUR 33.5, CM 21."

They're so lightly used they smell new. The worst flaw is a white scuff on the left inner foot (bunion area). There are several minor scratches on each toe and two small white marks on the outer left heel. See photos.

These fancy cowboy boots have 1 1/2" heels. The boots measure 9 1/2" from back of heel to toe tip, 10 3/4" tall, 3 1/4" across widest part of sole, 9" tall shaft from top of heel to top of boot, and the shaft measures 5 3/4" across top of boot.

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Vol 1 No 4 ANUBIS Fiction Fanzine Vaughn Bode Dead Bone

Vol 1 No 4 ANUBIS Fiction Fanzine Vaughn Bode Dead Bone - eBay (item 310108881605 end time Dec-18-08 18:31:34 PST)

This vintage science fiction fanzine Anubis Fantasy & Weird Tales Vol. 1 No. 4 was published by Golden Goblin Press in Autumn, 1968. Editor: Paul J. Willis. Publisher: Ronald J. Willis. It features The History of Greeley by Mose Mallette and the beginning of Dead Bone by Vaughn Bodé. It also has stories by Robert M. Slater, Norman G. Markham and Gerald W. Page. Cover art by D. Bruce Berry.

  • Afreets & Asymptotes (Editorial)
  • The History of Greeley, by Mose Mallette, illos by Vaughn Bodé
  • Colloquy on a Field of Skulls (poem) by Philip Canning
  • The Huddlestone Horror, by Robert M. Slater
  • Chimera (poem) by Bennett Weinberg, illo by Tim Kirk
  • "When Gknorf, the kingly jester, sat..." (poem) by Bennett Weinberg
  • The Treason of Morn Connacht, by Carleton Grindle, illo by J. Johnson
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (poem en prose) by Philip Canning
  • The Murals, by Norman G. Markham, illo by Steve Hickman
  • The Madman (poem) by Roger Wilson Cook
  • Sea Dead (poem) by Emily Glen
  • Possible Sources for Lovecraftian Themes (article) by Ronald J. Willis
  • From the Diary of a Corpse (poem) by Philip Canning
  • Dead Bone, By Vaughn Bodé
  • Overhill Mountain, by Gerald W. Page, illo by Tim Kirk
  • The Perfumed Room, by Philip Canning
  • "What rattles now..." (poem) by Mercer M. McDowell, illo by Willis
  • Three Night Hours (poems) by Douglas Kames
  • The Egg, by L. E. Preston, illo by P. J. Willis
  • Letters
  • Bibliostasis -- books
The fanzine is 60 black and white offset-printed pages stapled together with a pale green wrap-around paper cover. Dead Bone by Vaughn Bode has a full-page hand-printed intro, three pages of diagrams of the dwellings and the comic strip fills the next two pages.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nearly Complete Run WORLDS OF TOMORROW, SF Mag 1963-67!

Nearly Complete Run WORLDS OF TOMORROW, SF Mag 1963-67! - eBay (item 310107146545 end time Dec-12-08 19:17:02 PST)

These twenty issues of Worlds of Tomorrow edited by Frederik Pohl were published in 1963 to 1967. It's missing Vol 2 #5, Vol. 3 #5, and Vol 3 #7, otherwise is a complete run of this short-lived magazine.

There are novels by Arthur C. Clarke, Phil Dick and Larry Niven. As editor, Frederik Pohl obviously used his acquaintance with the leading authors in the field to bring in stories by:
  • Murray Leinster
  • Robert Silverberg
  • Brian W. Aldiss
  • Larry Niven

  • Philip K. Dick
  • Cordwainer Smith
  • Robert F. Young
  • Jack Williamson

  • Keith Laumer
  • John Brunner
  • Mack Reynolds
  • Arthur C. Clarke

  • Lester del Rey
  • Avram Davidson
  • Fritz Leiber
  • Philip Jose Farmer
These basically unread issues are in excellent condition with an occasional bumped corner and some foxing on edges from being shunted around through the years. The worst flaw is dark water stains on six spines.

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Vintage Wooden DUCK NUTCRACKER Head Lever, Shells Box!

Vintage Wooden DUCK NUTCRACKER Head Lever, Shells Box! - eBay (item 310106396091 end time Dec-09-08 19:45:52 PST)

Here's a nutcracker with an unusual design, perfect for a hunter or nature lover. The duck's head and neck are a lever. Lift it, place a nut on the platform and press the lever down to crack nuts. The shells fall into the box. I see no maker's mark.

It's in good used condition, solidly constructed with little marks where broken nuts scratched the wood. There are also a few minor dents here and there and one of the duck's eyes has chipped paint. Good for lots more nutcracking fun.

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Vintage AUTO-LITE CARBIDE HELMET LAMP Coal Miner Light! - eBay (item 310106377670 end time Dec-09-08 18:15:13 PST)

This vintage Auto-Lite miner's carbide lamp clipped to his helmet and lit his way in the darkness with a small flame and reflecting dish. The bottom is embossed, "Auto-Lite, Patented Universal Lamp Co., Made in U.S.A." The top says, "Auto Lite, Reg. US Pat Office, Universal Lamp Co. Chicago U.S.A." and the "ON" setting for the control valve.

To see how a carbide lamp works and a diagram of all the parts, visit:

The reflector dish needs shined up and the rim is somewhat bent. The whole lamp has general patina with a half-inch green spot down on the left side. The top and bottom are easy to unscrew to put carbide inside. The water fill lid flips open easily and the adjusting lever turns. The hook on the back is firmly attached. Someone twisted a strand of wire on it. The water lid brace may have been repaired with solder to attach it to the lamp.

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Monday, December 8, 2008


Vintage DURHAM DUPLEX STRAIGHT RAZOR KIT, 4 Orig Blades - eBay (item 310106118079 end time Dec-08-08 20:09:46 PST)

This vintage straight razor kit is a Durham Duplex Razor in original case lined with satin and velvet. The double-sided razor folds into a hollow tortoiseshell-colored celluloid handle. This kit includes four original blades.

The razor and case are marked, "Durham Duplex." The razor handle says, "Pat. U.S.A. Nov. 7, 11, and Foreign Countries, Made in U.S.A." The blades are in a paper embossed, "Durham Duplex, Packed in Special Anti-Rust Neutralized Paper, Patented U.S.A. Dec. 20, 1910?" The year is almost obliterated. The blades are marked, "Durham Duplex Razor Co., New York, N.Y. Pat'd. U.S.A. Nov. 7, 1911." Another paper with accordion folds probably held blades at one time and is stamped in blue ink with "1816" for some reason.

The cloth-covered metal case is worn through on one end, soiled and stained, and the lid closes a little crookedly. The razor looks great, could be cleaned up better. The razor blades are used and look pretty good except for some marks and one edge with chips.

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Donald Duck GHOST MORGAN Big Little Book, Carl Barks!

Donald Duck GHOST MORGAN Big Little Book, Carl Barks! - eBay (item 310106095494 end time Dec-08-08 18:15:57 PST)

This vintage Better Little Book is Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Ghost Morgan's Treasure, No. 1411, published in 1946. This is the first Donald Duck story that Carl Barks worked on. The original books from Whitman Publishing in the 1930s were called Big Little Books. From the 1940s they were called Better Little Books.

This copy is in nice shape with age darkening of covers and page edges. The front cover is smooth except for top bumped corner. The back cover corners are also bumped. Interior pages are very crisp and clean, nice and flexible. The spine is intact, with minor bends top and bottom and a couple of color scrapes on the edges.

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TALES FROM UNDERWOOD David H. Keller Arkham House First

TALES FROM UNDERWOOD David H. Keller Arkham House First - eBay (item 310106091166 end time Dec-08-08 17:59:49 PST)

This vintage first edition hard cover book with dust jacket is Tales From Underwood A Collection of the Best Fantastic Stories by David H. Keller, published in 1952 for Arkham House by Pellegrini & Cudahy. This isn't one of those little black volumes bound in Holliston Black Novelex as we're used to seeing from Arkham House.

Contents include 23 stories:
  • The Worm
  • The Revolt of the Pedestrians
  • The Yeast Men
  • The Ivy War
  • The Doorbell

  • The Flying Fool
  • The Psychophonic Nurse
  • A Biological Experiment
  • Free as the Air
  • The Bridle

  • Tiger Cat
  • The God Wheel
  • The Golden Bough
  • The Jelly Fish
  • The Opium Eater

  • The Thing in the Cellar
  • The Moon Artist
  • Creation Unforgivable
  • The Dead Woman
  • The Door

  • The Perfumed Garden
  • The Literary Corkscrew
  • A Piece of Linoleum
From the dust jacket:
Here are twenty-three of the best fantastic short stories of Dr. David H. Keller. The novel ideas of the writer of science fiction contain a strong note of criticism as well as of prophecy; the stories of the psychiatrist indicate a deep and penetrating knowledge of the secret recesses of the human mind.

Tales From Underwood is a cornerstone collection, representing both the best of Dr. Keller's shorter work, and an adequate cross-section of that work. Dr. Keller spent many years in the U.S. Army as a psychiatrist.
The interior pages are in wonderful condition. The cloth cover is in very nice condition except that a small piece was scraped off the top corner. The jacket is very good with a couple weak areas reinforced inside with the same kind of cover stock, and the same scraped corner replaced. There is age discoloration on the end papers.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Joe Wehrle ORIGINAL ART Published in Eternity SF Mag!

Joe Wehrle ORIGINAL ART Published in Eternity SF Mag! - eBay (item 310105222147 end time Dec-05-08 18:28:57 PST)

This vintage signed original art was created by Joe Wehrle, Jr. in 1976 and appeared in the final issue of Eternity Science Fiction magazine. It is India ink on scratchboard, 8 x 11" with the original protective tissue that was attached before mailing to the editor. It bears the notation that it is to be reproduced at 100%.

We don't remember much after all these years about the story this art illustrated. The image is a girl who is looking to break away from an abusive situation. We have the issue somewhere around here. Do you have a copy?

Wehrle is noted for work in Galaxy and IF digest science fiction magazines, covers and interior illustrations in Arkham House and other Mirage Press books, illustrations for Burroughs-oriented journals and on a lighter note, the story and drawings in the Big Little Book Cauliflower Catnip.

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Vintage Fulvue 12K GF WIRE FRAME EYE GLASSES Engraved!

Vintage Fulvue 12K GF WIRE FRAME EYE GLASSES Engraved! - eBay (item 310105538727 end time Dec-06-08 19:40:46 PST)

This vintage pair of wire frame bifocal eye glasses is marked, "/OFULVUE/10-12K GF" on the bridge and "/O1/10 12K GF" on both temples. The bridge, hinges, temples and rims have art deco decorative carving. They have floating nose pads for comfort.

The metal glasses case has worn black faux leather fabric outer covering and is lined with black velvet that's loosened from the lid. The lenses are pitted much like my father's were from welding sparks.

This style of temple that wraps around the back of the ear is great for active people. These spectacles will not fall off, even if you turn upside-down.

The glasses measure 114 mm wide across the front, the distance between the lenses is 19 mm, and the temples are 115 mm long from hinge join to the middle of the ear curve. The lenses measure 42 mm wide and 38 mm high. The bridge and hinges are attached to rims fully enclosing the lenses.

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Vintage Pink Tom Thumb CASH REGISTER, Orig Box, Bills!

Vintage Pink Tom Thumb CASH REGISTER, Orig Box, Bills! - eBay (item 310105249755 end time Dec-05-08 20:29:41 PST)

This seventies vintage Tom Thumb Cash Register is pink, all steel model 1549, aimed at girls. It comes in the original box and has five bills and two coins of the play money, plus a stray bill from another game.

The box says, "The Original Tom Thumb All Steel Cash Register
  • Generous Supply of Play Money
  • Rugged Steel Construction
  • Chrome Front
  • Baked Enamel Finish
  • 9 Keys Plus Drawer Open Button
Model 1549. Western Stamping Corporation, Jackson, Michigan.

It works great! You can press any combination of keys and the number tabs will pop up. Hit the "Push" button and the drawer pops open.

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Vintage Kodak DUAFLEX II TLR CAMERA 620 Film Kodet Lens

Vintage Kodak DUAFLEX II TLR CAMERA 620 Film Kodet Lens - eBay (item 310105223258 end time Dec-05-08 18:32:03 PST)

This vintage Kodak Duaflex II twin-lens reflex camera has a nice wide viewfinder under the flip-up top. It gives you a bright, clear view of your subject despite scuffs on the front viewfinder lens and minor dust inside. There's a slider on the left with the slot marked "I" at the top end and "B" at the bottom end. The shutter button is on the right. A camera mount is on the bottom.

The front is marked, "Kodak Duaflex II Camera. Kodet Lens." Depress a latch to open the back and find this information:
Kodak Duaflex II Camera, T.M. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
Pats. U.S.A. D.E.S. 140,909 148,790 151,059 2,367,504 2,422,018 2,423,706 2,432,479 2,484,510
This Camera Does Not Take 120 Film
Use Kodak 620 Film
Made in Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak Company

  • Place empty spool in upper recess. Engage winding key.
  • Swing out lower spool holder. Place new roll between pins.
  • Break seal, draw paper, colored side up, over square opening to empty spool.
  • Insert end of paper in longer spool slot. Wind knob 2 turns. Close camera.
  • Wind to 1 in red window.
The camera is in very nice condition. Besides the scuffed front viewing lens and dust inside, the carry handle is missing. The shutter works fast and the film pins are both here.

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Vintage Red Metal GILBERT BIG-BOY TOOL CHEST, 3 Tools!

Vintage Red Metal GILBERT BIG-BOY TOOL CHEST, 3 Tools! - eBay (item 310105220740 end time Dec-05-08 18:23:09 PST)

This vintage metal tool chest is red metal with two paper graphics. The small one on the lid shows an old-fashioned boy using a wood plane, and it says, "Gilbert Big-Boy Tool Chest." The large inner lid graphic says the same thing, plus "No." (but the number isn't there), The A.C. Gilbert Company--New Haven, Conn. U.S.A. Made in America, Printed in U.S.A." Art deco accents surround an image of two old-fashioned boys building a small bookcase.

The inner lid graphic also shows lots of possible projects to make, like a sled, wagon, boat, shelf, dog house, etc. Someone wrote inside the lid in black crayon the price "2.50."

Contents include three of the original tools: small wooden level, small handsaw, six-inch metal square. Also in the box are an old painted wooden stand with a metal sign that says "Ski Jumper" of all things. There's also a pretty useless looking little metal device we'll just call a gizmo. If you have the tools and no chest, here's the chest and you're good to go.

The chest has much patina and soiling, dents and dings and a wonky corner on the lid. One of the two metal latches is missing. The handle has almost no original finish left. The small outer lid graphic has small bits missing and much age darkening. The inner lid graphic is still bright and has minor damage.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Skinny BRASS GUITAR PLAYER Statuette Stone Base XLNT!

Skinny BRASS GUITAR PLAYER Statuette Stone Base XLNT! - eBay (item 310105218162 end time Dec-05-08 18:13:21 PST)

This tall skinny guitar player statuette is made of brass and stands on a green stone base. I see no maker's mark. It's highly stylized and quite eye-catching.

It's in excellent condition. The tiny white mark on the guitar neck was just a piece of paper towel stuck there after a wipe down for picture taking. The roughness here and there seems deliberate and part of the style.

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