Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Vintage AUTO-LITE CARBIDE HELMET LAMP Coal Miner Light! - eBay (item 310106377670 end time Dec-09-08 18:15:13 PST)

This vintage Auto-Lite miner's carbide lamp clipped to his helmet and lit his way in the darkness with a small flame and reflecting dish. The bottom is embossed, "Auto-Lite, Patented Universal Lamp Co., Made in U.S.A." The top says, "Auto Lite, Reg. US Pat Office, Universal Lamp Co. Chicago U.S.A." and the "ON" setting for the control valve.

To see how a carbide lamp works and a diagram of all the parts, visit: http://www.sip.ie/sip019B/carbide/carbide.htm

The reflector dish needs shined up and the rim is somewhat bent. The whole lamp has general patina with a half-inch green spot down on the left side. The top and bottom are easy to unscrew to put carbide inside. The water fill lid flips open easily and the adjusting lever turns. The hook on the back is firmly attached. Someone twisted a strand of wire on it. The water lid brace may have been repaired with solder to attach it to the lamp.

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