Saturday, March 22, 2008

1970 STERANKO HISTORY OF COMICS, Vol 1, Orig Envelope!

1970 STERANKO HISTORY OF COMICS, Vol 1, Orig Envelope! - eBay (item 310034460606 end time Mar-29-08 19:23:32 PDT)

This Steranko History of Comics, Vol. 1 was self-published by Jim Steranko's SuperGraphics company in 1970. It outlines the development of early adventure strips and pulp magazines and shows how those influences led to the creation of the first comic book heroes. It includes sections on Superman, Batman, Captain America, Human Torch, Submariner and The Justice Society.

The photos show Submariner by Bill Everett, Batman by Bob Kane, Captain America by Jack Kirby, and The Justice Society of America by Joe Kubert. The Buck Rogers art was a painting by Frank R. Paul instead of the comic artist Dick Calkins.

The softcover book measures 10 1/2 inches by 14 inches with 84 black and white pages. The front and back full-color covers are an amazing montage of early adventure characters drawn by Jim Steranko.

It comes with the original mailing envelope which is beautifully designed by Steranko.

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