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WWII Vintage U.S. SERVICE WRITING KIT Navy in Orig. Box

WWII Vintage U.S. SERVICE WRITING KIT Navy in Orig. Box - eBay (item 310070731161 end time Aug-01-08 20:14:13 PDT)

This vintage WWII soldier gear is marked, "U.S. Service Writing Kit" with a silver emblem on the front of the blue faux-leather paper folder. The sheets of stationery in the pad have the emblem in blue and the words "United States Navy." The kit comes in the original pasteboard box.

Inside the folder is the pad of stationery, 24 envelopes (one slipped deep inside) and a place for a sweetheart's photo and another for the soldier's ID info: Name, No., Outfit, Co., Camp, Location.

The pasteboard box has three servicemen on the front, an envelope and stars and is marked on each side in red, "Keep Writing 'Em" and on one end is marked in pencil, "Navy, 50 Cents."

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CHILDREN OF THE LENS Doc Smith HC w/ Facs. DJ First Ed

CHILDREN OF THE LENS Doc Smith HC w/ Facs. DJ First Ed. - eBay (item 310070720186 end time Aug-01-08 19:20:41 PDT)

This vintage book is Children of the Lens by Edward E. "Doc" Smith, Ph. D. It's the 1954 Fantasy Press, Inc. First Edition hardcover in a facsimile dust jacket. This edition had a low printing run of just a few thousand. The jacket design and illustrations are by Ric Binkley.

Miles didn't come up with this item. It's Joe's and the reason it has a facsimile dust jacket is because he won't give up the original one. Greedy man. He made a copy for you and has it protected in clear vinyl. He bought this book in the 1960s and he read it once. It's been living in a plastic bag in his collection of books ever since.

From the dust jacket flap:
To every reader of science fiction who enjoys so-called "space operas," the name Edward E. Smith is synonymous with the best in the field. He has been called--and with justification--the master of the space adventure novel. Of all of his work, his "Lensman" series has gained the greatest acclaim--and of the six "Lensman" novels, "Children of the Lens," the last in the series, is his crowning achievement.

Twenty years have passed since the events portrayed in "Second Stage Lensmen." To Kimball Kinnison and his wife Clarrissa have been born five children--Kit, the eldest, and two sets of twin sisters. These are the "Children of the Lens"--the offspring of uncounted generations of selected matings--the most capable, the most brilliant minds in the universe. Their job is the conclusion of the Boskonian war, and how they accomplish this end and gain ultimate victory makes up the greater part of the book.

Again we meet old friends introduced in earlier volumes in the series--Worsel the Valentian, Nadreck of Palain VII, Tregonsee the Rigellian, Mentor of Arisia and other equally interesting and alien personalities. Again we participate in voyages into space and hyper-space, in battles between superdreadnoughts of the void. Again we enjoy all of the varied facets of science fiction writing which make a Smith book so popular with so very many readers.

If you have not read the earlier "Lensman" stories, you may still enjoy the present volume, since in his "Message of Transmittal" which begins "Children of the Lens," Dr. Smith has written a detailed summary of the preceding books.
If you have read earlier Smith books, none of the foregoing comments are necessary. If this is your first contact with his work, you have a unique and thrilling experience before you.
  • Message of Transmittal
  • 1. Kim and Kit; Gray Lensmen
  • 2. Worsel and the Overlords
  • 3. Kinnison Writes a Space Opera
  • 4. Nadreck of Palain VII at Work
  • 5. The Abduction of a President
  • 6. Tregonsee, Camilla, and "X"
  • 7. Kathryn on Guard
  • 8. Black Lensmen
  • 9. An Arisian Education
  • 10. Constance Out-Worsels Worsel
  • 11. Nadreck Traps a Trapper
  • 12. Kalonia Becomes of Interest
  • 13. Clarrissa Takes Her L-2 Work
  • 14. Kinnison-Thyron, Drug Runner
  • 15. Thyron Follows a Lead
  • 16. Red Lensman in Gray
  • 17. Nadreck vs. Kandron
  • 18. Camilla Kinnison, Detector
  • 19. The Hell-Hole in Space
  • 20. Kinnison and the Black Lensman
  • 21. The Red Lensman on Lyrane
  • 22. Kit Invades Eddore; and--
  • 23. --Escapes with His Life
  • 24. The Conference Solves a Problem
  • 25. The Defense of Arisia
  • 26. The Battle of Ploor
  • 27. Kinnison Trapped
  • 28. The Battle of Eddore
  • 29. The Power of Love
  • Epilogue
In this gray cloth hard cover, not only is there a spaceman frontispiece, but each chapter beginning has a different illustration. Nice!

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American Family KITCHEN SCALE Weighs Food 25 Lbs 11 KG

American Family KITCHEN SCALE Weighs Food 25 Lbs 11 KG! - eBay (item 310070698092 end time Aug-01-08 17:55:39 PDT)

This kitchen scale is marked, "American Family Scale. Weighs 25 Pounds by Ounces, 11 Kilograms by 50 Grams. Not Legal for Trade." The sticker on the platform says, "145238. To Regulate: Turn Nut Under Top Platform to Zero."

The white scale's dial is illustrated with colorful drawings of a steak, bananas, apple, fish, chicken, tomatoes, grapes and lettuce. Great kitchen tool if you're into portion control or cooking mass quantities!

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Antique Silver SHOE BUTTON HOOK Store Giveaway Old Tool

Antique Silver SHOE BUTTON HOOK Store Giveaway Old Tool - eBay (item 310070697281 end time Aug-01-08 17:51:30 PDT)

This vintage button hook is possibly sterling silver, has the hook on one end and a hole for hanging it up on the other end. It's marked, "Elsworth & Son, Sole Agency, Holland, N.Y." on one side of the handle and "'Queen Quality' Shoes" on the other side of the handle.

Miles didn't come up with this item. Joe's aunt fished it up out of her long-held possessions. She's 87 years old, didn't say whether she used it personally and I didn't ask. I looks like a free giveaway from the shoe store way back when.

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