Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vintage GOLD EYE GLASSES Engraved Rims, Cable Temples!

Vintage GOLD EYE GLASSES Engraved Rims, Cable Temples! - eBay (item 310014500836 end time Jan-19-08 18:52:49 PST)

This pair of vintage gold eyeglasses has a fancy engraved design all around the lenses, across the bridge and on the temples. They're marked on the bridge and both temples with a symbol and "1/10-12K GF." It's difficult for me to make out the symbol, but it might be an A and O overlapping each other a bit.

The total width of the frame is 110 mm, including the temple hinges. The frame takes lenses 38 mm high and 40 mm wide. The distance between the lenses at the bridge is 19 mm. The cable temples measure 100 mm long. The frame, nose pads and temples are in great condition.

The red-covered metal glasses case looks rough on the outside, but great inside. It has a metal inlaid design of Scottie dogs and is marked, "Vogel & Ruehl Opticians, 1502 Hertek Ave."

The coolest thing about this style of eye glass temples is the way the glasses stay on your head even if you turn upside-down. If you're sick of your spectacles falling off, these are for you.

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