Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vintage Simple Elegant HARDWOOD NUTCRACKER Décor Pliers

Vintage Simple Elegant HARDWOOD NUTCRACKER Décor Pliers - eBay (item 310044038771 end time Apr-29-08 20:05:28 PDT)

This vintage nutcracker has a super simple design and is elegantly made. There's no maker's mark anywhere. The wood is very hard, very smooth, polished and a pleasure to handle. The metal teeth are deep and inset firmly, ready to grip and crush tough nuts. The springy metal hinge is attached with three screws on each leg or handle.

The wood shows little wear. The metal hinge has some patina, the teeth almost none. The two larger teeth fit together when you compress the nutcracker. Do it fast and you get a nice castanet sound from this old hardwood nutcracker.

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Vintage Alum. Fairgrove Automatic DONUT MAKER, Orig Box!

Vintage Alum. Fairgrove Automatic DONUT MAKER, Orig Box! - eBay (item 310043600922 end time Apr-28-08 18:07:48 PDT)

This 1970's donut maker is an aluminum batter dispenser still in the plastic sleeve and original box with vintage graphics. The only thing missing is the recipe booklet. The dispenser itself is marked, "Taiwan."

The box is marked, "Fairgrove Automatic Donut Maker...also for pancakes. Made of heavy gauge, bright anodized pure aluminum." One end says, "Automatic Donut Maker and dispenser for Waffles 'n Pancakes. No pouring, No drippy mess, Donut maker keeps batter of uniform consistency. Prevents air drying so batter won't thicken. So Easy To Clean!" The other end tells how to clean it after use. "Another Fairgrove Product, Copyright A.H.C. 1971."

The dispenser seems like new. The stopper disk had a tendency to shift to one side when I depressed the plunger for photographing. When I took it apart and reassembled, it worked straight and true.

The original box with great vintage graphics is in good condition, still sturdy but taped, crunched and lightly soiled. It claims there's a recipe booklet, but that's missing.

Does this old donut maker make you smile?

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