Saturday, December 22, 2007

Vintage TANGA BELLS Metal Carriage Music, Sarna, India!

Vintage TANGA BELLS Metal Carriage Music, Sarna, India! - (eBay item 310009832604 end time Dec-29-07 18:15:00 PST)

Do you like bells?

These vintage Tanga Bells are 12 different sizes and shapes strung on a cord. The look like brass. The label says:

A tanga is a one horse carriage with two wheels. It usually carries three passengers and a driver. When carrying ladies from one place to another or to a temple gathering, they pull the curtains down from all sides, so that the passers-by cannot see the ladies.

Tanga taxi is a general way of passenger conveyance through-out India. They are licensed by the local municipality.

Fancy coachmen decorate their horse's necks with various types of bells which give sweet and melodious tones to far off distances. These bells also serve as a warning to pedestrians to make way for the coming Tanga. Rich men take great pride to own their own highly decorative and fancy Tangas.

One of the Collector "Bells of Sarna"
S. S. Sarna Inc., New York 10, N.Y. Copyright 1948, Printed in India.

They sound cheerful to me and look pretty with a different design and shape in each bell.

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