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1940 St & Smith UNKNOWN Fantasy Fiction, L. Ron Hubbard

1940 St & Smith UNKNOWN Fantasy Fiction, L. Ron Hubbard - eBay (item 310117702322 end time Jan-25-09 18:44:12 PST)

This vintage magazine is Street & Smith's Unknown Fantasy Fiction Vol II No. 6 cost 20 cents when it was published in Feb. 1940. It's the last issue of the first year of publication. The cover features "Death's Deputy" by L. Ron Hubbard, a complete novel in this issue. Edd Cartier did the cover art. Illustrations by Cartier, Finlay, M. Isip and R. Isip.

  • Novel
    • Death's Deputy by L. Ron Hubbard. These Deputies of Death exist--and any insurance company can name them! A fantasy that touches strange fact.
  • Novelette
    • The Wisdom of an Ass by Silaki Ali Hassan. A modern myth told in Arabia today, translated as were the 1001 Nights.
  • Short Stories
    • Call of Duty by Laurence Bour, Jr. A professional seaman follows orders, a duty that was dropped, to be continued later--
    • The Psychomorph by E.A. Grosser. The always-pleasant being--the ideal personality--always the one you most wanted to see!
    • When It Was Moonlight by Manly Wade Wellman. Suggested background for a famous Edgar Allan Poe story--
  • Serial
    • On the Knees of the Gods by J. Allan Dunn. Second of Three Parts. An American adventurer gets a bit more adventure than he wants--when the ancient gods of Greece get going--
  • Poem
    • Lurani by Paul Dennis Lavond
  • Reader's Departments
    • Of Things Beyond. Editorial Prophecy and Future Issues.
    • "--And Having Writ--" The Readers speak their minds.
The covers were laminated 35 years ago and retain their bright clear color. It's in excellent condition with supple, square-cornered inner pages that are browning.

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1928 Pittsburgh PA NIXON THEATRE Program, Many Old Ads!

1928 Pittsburgh PA NIXON THEATRE Program, Many Old Ads! - eBay (item 310117458894 end time Jan-24-09 19:33:17 PST)

This vintage booklet is an undated 1928 Nixon Theatre program from Pittsburgh, PA. "The World's Perfect Playhouse," it says, probably because right next door or upstairs was the Nixon Restaurant for "BEFORE and AFTER the SHOW Dining Dancing and Entertainment." Just like in Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movies!

What was on?
Next Week, Week of November 19th, Return Engagement "Let Joy be Unconfined" The Great Musical Comedy "Hit the Deck" with Queenie Smith & Charles Purcell and a company of 75. A splashing, Dashing Shower of Refreshing Melody and Mirth--All As Clean As the Ocean.
Coming November 12th: Ziegfeld Production Presenting Eddie Cantor in the Musical Comedy "Whoopee" in Two Acts and 12 Scenes. (This is how we dated the program. "Whoopee" ran 1928-29 and earned Eddie Cantor one million dollars he then lost in the crash.)

Inside it says, "Nixon Magazine published daily by the Jacobs Publishing Company. It's full of marvelous old advertisements for Pittsburgh businesses, many with illustrations. Here's a sampling:
  • H.J. Heinz Company 57. Visit Heinz Plant. See Heinz Rice Flakes made.
  • Edward H. Coo, Furrier, 3rd Floor Balcony, Jenkins Arcade, ATlantic 1298
  • Kaufmann Looby Co. Penn Ave. Between 6th and 7 Sts. Kaufmann Looby apparel exemplifying the modern mode has an irresistible appeal...Exclusive--not expensive.

  • Oppenheim, Collins & Co., 525-529 Penn Avenue. Furred Coats That reveal the genius of Parisian inspiration. At Moderate Prices.
  • Meyer Jonasson & Co., Liberty and Oliver Avenues--Call ATlantic 6200. Sumptuous Wraps Very Much in Tune With the Spirit of the Evening. Models shown: $59.75, $79.75, $79.75.
  • Max Azen, Pittsburgh's Leading Furriers, 705 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. Enthralling, Captivating, These Fine New Coats of Flat Caracul. $250.00 and Higher.

  • Pen Point, The ORIGINAL Foil-Wrapped Stogie 5 cents. Penn Cigar Co., Mfrs., Pgh.
  • Price Bros. Candies, Pastry, Tea Room. 208 Sixth Ave., 248 Fifth Ave. "Everything for the Sweet Tooth"
  • Janet Steinmann Gifts (Opposite the Nixon Theatre)

  • Schume's Sulphur Baths, Massage and Electric Treatments for Men and Women, 326 Pittsburgh Life Building, Sixth St. & Liberty Ave., Phone ATlantic 7553
  • Geo. W. Ziegler Machinery Co., 528 1st. Ave., Pittsburgh, PA. Hammer Drill, Engines, Compressors, Pumps, Hoists, Mixers.
  • The Nirella Orchestra, Service which is a Distinctive Asset! Danny Nirella, Himself. Residence, Montrose 6627, 414 Sixth Avenue, ATlantic 5775-6
It's an old newsprint booklet in very good condition with age darkening, minor rumpling and some stains on two pages.

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Vintage Vinyl RIFLE CASE Medium 42-44 Zipper Opens Wide

Vintage Vinyl RIFLE CASE Medium 42-44 Zipper Opens Wide - eBay (item 310117445353 end time Jan-24-09 18:18:25 PST)

This vintage rifle case with a vinyl outer covering and flannel lining is marked, "EO 13408 Medium 42-44" and "John R. Maffeo" and "T". The zipper runs all the way along one side and one-third of the other side for very easy access.

The brown vinyl has faux leather finish with a wrinkled look. The tan vinyl has a pebbled faux leather finish. The lining is orange flannel with padding behind it. There are two handles, one short, the other can go over your shoulder and snaps down when not in use.

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