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1940 St & Smith UNKNOWN Fantasy Fiction, L. Ron Hubbard

1940 St & Smith UNKNOWN Fantasy Fiction, L. Ron Hubbard - eBay (item 310117702322 end time Jan-25-09 18:44:12 PST)

This vintage magazine is Street & Smith's Unknown Fantasy Fiction Vol II No. 6 cost 20 cents when it was published in Feb. 1940. It's the last issue of the first year of publication. The cover features "Death's Deputy" by L. Ron Hubbard, a complete novel in this issue. Edd Cartier did the cover art. Illustrations by Cartier, Finlay, M. Isip and R. Isip.

  • Novel
    • Death's Deputy by L. Ron Hubbard. These Deputies of Death exist--and any insurance company can name them! A fantasy that touches strange fact.
  • Novelette
    • The Wisdom of an Ass by Silaki Ali Hassan. A modern myth told in Arabia today, translated as were the 1001 Nights.
  • Short Stories
    • Call of Duty by Laurence Bour, Jr. A professional seaman follows orders, a duty that was dropped, to be continued later--
    • The Psychomorph by E.A. Grosser. The always-pleasant being--the ideal personality--always the one you most wanted to see!
    • When It Was Moonlight by Manly Wade Wellman. Suggested background for a famous Edgar Allan Poe story--
  • Serial
    • On the Knees of the Gods by J. Allan Dunn. Second of Three Parts. An American adventurer gets a bit more adventure than he wants--when the ancient gods of Greece get going--
  • Poem
    • Lurani by Paul Dennis Lavond
  • Reader's Departments
    • Of Things Beyond. Editorial Prophecy and Future Issues.
    • "--And Having Writ--" The Readers speak their minds.
The covers were laminated 35 years ago and retain their bright clear color. It's in excellent condition with supple, square-cornered inner pages that are browning.

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