Monday, March 31, 2008

Old Glass Bottle MR. PICKWICK Unknown Date or Contents!

Old Glass Bottle MR. PICKWICK Unknown Date or Contents! - eBay (item 310037265359 end time Apr-07-08 19:25:22 PDT)

This Mr. Pickwick glass bottle is a Charles Dickens character, Samuel Pickwick, seen here in his hat, spectacles, overcoat and pants. There's no maker's mark anywhere on this old bottle. Embossed on the bottom front is "Mr. Pickwick." The glass has minor imperfections typically found in old glass: little wrinkles, tiny bubbles, mold lines.

For more information on Samuel Pickwick and how he came to be, visit

The vintage bottle probably had a cork like this in it originally as there's no evidence of screw threads for a lid. I have no idea what the bottle once held or when it was made.

It's in excellent condition, no cracks, no chips. There's a minor haziness inside which a good cleaning would likely remove.

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