Friday, February 27, 2009

Vintage BATMAN #62 w/ Catwoman, Restored by Pro Artist!

Vintage BATMAN #62 w/ Catwoman, Restored by Pro Artist! - eBay (item 250381133845 end time Mar-02-09 18:44:10 PST)

This vintage DC comic Batman #62, Dec. 1950-Jan. 1951 features Catwoman. The cover says, "Catwoman Returns! Batman's Feline Foe in a Daring New Role! Exposing for the First Time 'The Secret Life of the Catwoman!'" The comic looks pretty good now, but you should have seen it before professional artist Joe Wehrle, Jr. restored it. We present pictures of the process. Don't look if you've a tendency to faint at dismemberment. You've been warned.

The trouble with the comic was it had masses of tape at the spine where a lot of the paper was missing. Joe removed the tape, patched the missing places with similar paper stock, and drew and painted in the missing areas of cover art. We don't have the materials and equipment that a professional restoration lab has, but the comic looks mountains better!

He also replaced a small round piece of the text in the last story as you can see in one of the photos. The cover is now tightly stapled onto the comic as it was originally. We're not professional graders, but we would say the present condition is an apparent good.

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