Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mens 9 D JUSTIN COWBOY BOOTS Brown Leather, New No Tag!

Mens 9 D JUSTIN COWBOY BOOTS Brown Leather, New No Tag! - eBay (item 310112762545 end time Jan-05-09 20:38:51 PST)

This pair of mens cowboy boots is marked, "Justin" on the sole, small cloth tags and inside the boots. The label inside the shaft says, "Justin Boots, Made in China, Comb. Last, Leather Upper, Balance Manmade. Size 9 D, Style JB1100 GC 0705."

Designed with understated elegance, they have same-color decorative stitching on shafts and instep. They're like new, smell nice inside, have no wear on heels or soles, no scuffs or scrapes. There's slight wrinkling at the back ankle area.

There is flawed stitching on the vertical seam of the outer right boot, a small thread loop on the vertical seam of the outer left boot, and messy stitching on two tabs inside the boots.

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Rare SFWA FORUM #27, 28, 30 Science Fiction Newsletters

Rare SFWA FORUM #27, 28, 30 Science Fiction Newsletters - eBay (item 310112586564 end time Jan-04-09 21:31:18 PST)

These three issues of SFWA Forum are No. 27, 17 December 1972; No. 28, 27 February 1973; and No. 30, 27 June 1973. George H. Scithers' editorship ended with No. 30 as Jerry Pournelle just became president. Offset-printed and bound with staples like a fanzine, they feature one front cover by Roy G. Krenkel, one by Ray Capella and one by Tim Powers. Interior illos are by Frank Kelly Freas, Dan Adkins, Michael Fountain, E. Michael Blake, Steve Stiles, and Eddie Jones.

  • No. 27 (10 pages)
    • Note, editorial
    • Letters from:
      • Robert Coulson
      • Robert E. Margroff
      • Scott Edelstein
      • A. Bertram Chandler
      • Bruce McAllister
      • Michael Bishop
      • Phyllis Eisenstein
      • Alpajpuri
      • S. Joyce Van Scyoc
    • From the President: Poul Anderson
    • Cover by Ray Capella; interior illos by E. Michael Blake, Steve Stiles and Eddie Jones
  • No. 28 (22 pages)
    • Note, editorial
    • Presidential Report: Poul Anderson's course of action to save SFWA
    • Secretarial Report: R. S. Coulson
    • Editor's Report: G. H. Scithers
    • Science Fiction Writers' Speakers' Bureau, Harvey L. Bilker
    • Science Fiction Writers' Speakers' Bureau Contract, Gordon R. Dickson
    • Letters from:
      • Joanna Russ
      • Charles Platt
      • Harry Harrison
      • Joseph Green
      • James Blish
      • E. Michael Blake
      • Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
      • A. Bertram Chandler
      • Poul Anderson
      • Harvey L. Bilker
      • G. H. Scithers
      • Arthur Byron Cover
      • John W. Jakes
    • Cover by Roy G. Krenkel; interior illos by Dan Adkins and Michael Fountain
  • No. 30 (24 pages)
    • Note, editorial
    • Letters from:
      • Arthur Byron Cover
      • Scott Edelstein
      • andrew j offutt
      • Brian W. Aldiss
      • Thomas F. Monteleone
      • Phyllis & Alex Eisenstein
      • Ted Cogswell
      • F. M. Busby
      • Harry Harrison
      • Michael B├ítki Bratmann
      • Susan Janice Anderson
      • James Tiptree, Jr.
      • Nicholas Zvegintzov
      • A. Bertram Chandler
      • Dr. Willis E. McNelly
      • Richard A. Lupoff
      • Vonda N. McIntyre
      • Ernest Taves
      • John Millard
      • Harlan Ellison
    • Secretary, Treasurer Announcements, Joe W. Haldeman
    • Ex-President, Poul Anderson
    • New President, Jerry Pournelle
    • Cover by Tim Powers; interior illos by F. Kelly Freas

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