Sunday, April 4, 2010

38 X-MEN COMICS RUN #144-190, Minus 9 Issues Excellent!

This run of 38 X-Men comics starts with #144 and ends with #190, with 9 issues missing: #146-149, #155, #172, #182, #184 and #188. They were published by Marvel Comics from 1981 to 1985. They're all in fantastic unread condition except for #153 which has a stained top edge and creased bottom right corner.

TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE Robert A. Heinlein Putnam 1st HC!

Time Enough For Love--Robert A. Heinlein HC Putnam

This science fiction novel Time Enough For Love by Robert A. Heinlein is a Putnam first edition, fourth impression hard cover with original dust jacket in protective vinyl. It was published in 1983. From the dust jacket flaps:

Time Enough For Love is Robert Heinlein's longest novel. It is just as certainly his most ambitious, ranging as it does over twenty-three centuries of history and countless light-years of space. It is a novel set in a time when not only the human population of the galaxy, but the very number of inhabited planets in it can be viewed only in approximations. It is the story--one must avoid the temptation to say life story, for that would be an overstatement--of the man who was born Woodrow Wilson Smith on the planet Earth in the year 1912 and is, as the novel opens, known as the Senior, the oldest man alive and to one degree or another the ancestor of most, if not all, of the inhabitants of the planet he inhabits in the galactic year 2053, which in earth terms would be 4272. That the planet itself is one not even suspected to exist when the Senior was born is but one comment on the range of the story.

As the reader follows the Senior's career in many identities--as Lazarus Long, who led the first great exodus from Earth; as Aaron Sheffield, captain of an interstellar trade ship visiting the planet Blessed with its slave society; as Ernest Gibbons homesteading on the newly settled planet of New Beginnings; as Ted Bronson, searching for the Senior's own origins in pre-World War I America--he will encounter a host of exciting adventures and be exposed to a vast range of informed speculation as to that which the future may hold for the human race in the centuries ahead.

For just as there are many facets to the Senior, at once a barbarian and rogue and a highly intelligent, highly civilized man, so is the author of Time Enough for Love a gifted story teller and a scientist and philosopher who forces his reader to recognize both the ultimate folly of human behavior and the fact that we are all undeniably human.

Robert A. Heinlein graduated from Annapolis, where he was a champion swordsman, and served in the Navy for five years. He began writing fiction in 1939 and soon won recognition as one of the towering figures of science fiction, winning the coveted Hugo Award for the best science fiction novel of the year on four separate occasions, an unequaled record. He now lives in California.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

8 FLASHDANCE COLOR STILLS 8" by 10" Movie Scene Photos!

Each photo in this lot of 8 vintage Flashdance color stills has been protected in vinyl sleeves since the day we bought them in 1983 when the movie came out. They measure 8" by 10" and are marked, "Copyright ©MCMLXXXIII by Paramount Pictures Corporation, 830015." Details of the scenes:

  • 1 She interacts with the boss at work.

  • 2 She dances on stage at the club.

  • 3 She welds.

  • 4 She auditions for the school committee.

  • 5 Toting laundry, friend hassled to dance nude.

  • 6 Playing on the streets of Pittsburgh with the "Dancing Cop".

  • 7 Celebrating her acceptance at dance school with her lover.

  • 8 Musing in the kitchen with Grunt, the dog.