Thursday, January 15, 2009

Swiveling Black Leather BUCHEIMER CLARK HOLSTER, Loops!

Swiveling Black Leather BUCHEIMER CLARK HOLSTER, Loops! - eBay (item 310115563582 end time Jan-16-09 18:42:29 PST)

This stiff black leather holster is marked on the back, "B72, Bucheimer Clark, Valencia, Calif., B7A-6472, Pat. 3,200,022." It has a slot for your belt, twelve cartridge loops, safety strap, and it unsnaps to swivel for sitting. I don't know what handgun model fits into the six-inch by four-inch pocket.

It's very thick and stiff. There are some scuffs and minor marks here and there, wrinkles and small cracks in the safety strap. Good for lots more use.

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A PITTSBURGH ALBUM 200 Yrs Photos Bicentennial Keepsake

A PITTSBURGH ALBUM 200 Yrs Photos Bicentennial Keepsake - eBay (item 310115335233 end time Jan-15-09 18:57:41 PST)

This big soft cover picture book is titled A Pittsburgh Album 1758-1958, Two Hundred Years of Memories in Pictures and Text compiled, written and edited by Roy Stryker and Mel Seidenberg. This copy is from the Third Printing, July 1959, Copyright 1959, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. There are so many great photos it was really hard to choose which to scan.

From "A Word of Explanation..."
This book was born of an affection for and pride in a city.

A city of endless contrasts...of subtle charm, of earthy homeliness that has its own beauty; of citizen apathy and dissonance, but of even greater vitality, enterprise and unity when needed. A city perhaps not endowed with the refinements and graces of other places that come to mind, but persistently trying to attain these things, however hard their attainment. A city that refuses to be counted out, always managing somehow to summon its people's strength to fight back from adversity and to overcome natural handicaps...and to become a better city in so doing.

The pages of Pittsburgh's 200 years, speaking eloquently of such characteristics, are filled with fascinating events and personalities. Too many, regrettably, to be framed within these covers.

This book offers a sympathetic glance at the past and some of the people who lived it--through the eyes of some of the artists, illustrators, photographers, writers, and historians, many still living, who helped to preserve it.

The book has been purposely limited in scope that it might be made available, not as a major, studious work of history, but rather as a simple, inexpensive keepsake of this Bicentennial Year, somewhat after the fashion of one circulated 100 years ago for the Centennial (see page 19).

We, the sponsors listed below, are happy to make possible this publication as a public service contribution to the Bicentennial observance. Net proceeds from its sale will go the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, for use in further its work, which deserves wider recognition.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Radio Station WWSW
Television Station WIIC
Herbick & Held Printing Company.
It's in very good condition with minor wear.

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