Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fifties Theater Flyer ELVIS PRESLEY Jailhouse Rock + 5!

Fifties Theater Flyer ELVIS PRESLEY Jailhouse Rock + 5! - eBay (item 310047021585 end time May-08-08 20:07:04 PDT)

This old red and white theater flyer from the Max Sibley theater (wherever that was) covered movies shown in December and January of an unnamed year, probably in the fifties. It touts four movies and a double feature.

The movies include:
  • Island in the Sun--the place is the West Indies...the sun hides many things!
    • James Mason
    • Joan Fontaine
    • Dorothy Dandridge
    • Joan Collins
    • Michael Rennie
    • Harry Belafonte
  • Jailhouse Rock--Elvis Presley at his greatest!
  • The Devil's Hairpin--The most exciting racing story ever filmed!
    • Cornel Wilde
    • Jean Wallace
    • Arthur Franz
    • Mary Astor
  • A Hatful of Rain--A heartful of longing made her love him.
    • Eva Marie Saint
    • Don Murray
    • Anthony Franciosa
    • Lloyd Nolan
  • The Long Haul--Silk, flesh and dynamite!
    • Victor Mature
    • Diana Dors
  • Why do they call us--Young and Dangerous
    • Lili Gentle
    • Mark Damon
This flyer is in good condition. The worst fault is a moisture stain that doesn't touch Elvis. It has a few dents, a crease where it was folded and two small mended edge tears.

Does this vintage flyer with Elvis Presley make you smile?

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87 BUCK ROGERS DAILY STRIPS 1932 Clippings Sequence!

87 BUCK ROGERS DAILY STRIPS 1932 Clippings Sequence! - eBay (item 310047012129 end time May-08-08 19:13:44 PDT)

This is almost a hundred strips in sequence clipped from a daily newspaper in which they appeared in 1932. Buck Rogers was created by Philip Francis Nowlan and drawn by Dick Calkins. This sequence is a good story that goes from number 1051 to 1137.

It's difficult to find such a long run as this any more. They're 76 years old. If you have the Buck Rogers Big Little Books, this sequence fits between Moons of Saturn and 25th Century A.D. A listing we found online calls this story Beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet.

This sequence of vintage Buck Rogers clippings is in good condition, a bit brittle but not crumbling. A couple have been nicely repaired using similar newsprint stock. One such repair is shown in the second photo. Two or three others are taped from behind because of accidental scissors cuts.

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