Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Silver Surfer #4 1969 CGC 6.5 Low Distribution Buscema!

Silver Surfer #4 1969 CGC 6.5 Low Distribution Buscema! - eBay (item 310052808647 end time May-26-08 20:35:55 PDT)

This vintage Marvel comic is Silver Surfer #4 which was published in February, 1969. It had low distribution, but my man bought one and has kept it ever since. CGC has rated it at 6.5 with an insurance value of $700. CGC comments, "Restoration includes very small amount of color touch on cover. Off-white pages."

Because Joe was the only owner, CGC granted it Pedigree status. We'll include the CGC paperwork and Joe's application letter with the slabbed comic. This is a beautiful comic. Examine the pictures carefully. The only flaws are foxing on the back cover and very minor stress lines.

In this issue The Skyrider of the Spaceways encounters Thor. Hulk, Thing and Hercules cameos. Tales of the Watcher backup story. Stan Lee story, John Buscema cover. John Buscema, Howard Purcell, Sal Buscema and Paul Reinman art.

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