Thursday, July 31, 2008


Mirage Press CLARK ASHTON SMITH ORIGINAL by Joe Wehrle! - eBay (item 310071802911 end time Aug-05-08 19:46:17 PDT)

This Clark Ashton Smith portrait original was created by Joe Wehrle, Jr. in 1973. It was used in Mirage Press books, as the cover for Planets and Dimensions and as the frontispiece for The Fantastic Art of Clark Ashton Smith. It was recently licensed for Tees from the Crypt which is good to know if you'd like a t-shirt with this portrait on it.

If Joe has done one thing that has been remembered from the 1970s until today, it's this portrait. We have received letters and emails from as far away as Germany, Italy and France about it, sometimes with requests to buy the original. We never intended to let it go, but could use some extra money now, so if anyone is willing to meet our price, it's yours. No reproduction rights are granted with this portrait.

This portrait was drawn with stipple technique, which means that all the tonal areas were built up one dot at a time, and all the tiny background circles were drawn by hand. If memory serves, it took about three weeks of rather intensive work. The bottom corners had to be re-inked at the end, because the ink was worn off during work on the face!

It's done on very heavy plate surface Strathmore illustration board in pen and India ink. The back is relatively clean. The art has been wrapped in vinyl for decades.

Wehrle is noted for work in Galaxy and IF digest science fiction magazines, covers and interior illustrations in Arkham House and other Mirage Press books, illustrations for Burroughs-oriented journals and on a lighter note, the story and drawings in the Big Little Book Cauliflower Catnip.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vintage THE TRAPPER'S COMPANION, 1918 Trapping How-To!

Vintage THE TRAPPER'S COMPANION, 1918 Trapping How-To! - eBay (item 310071534544 end time Aug-04-08 19:20:28 PDT)

This vintage soft cover book The Trapper's Companion published in 1918 by Peltries Publishing Company Incorporated is the third edition with 160 pages.

The title page says:
An Up-to-date replete with Trapping Methods, Approved Sets used by the Most Experienced Trappers, Instruction for Handling, Grading and Shipping Raw Furs, Traps, Bait, Scents, Fur Farming, Camp Building, Boat Building, Turtle Trapping, Bee Hunting, and many minor matters, embracing everything a trapper should know to insure success.
Contents in alphabetical list:
  • Badger Trapping
  • Baits
  • Bear Trapping
  • Beaver Trapping
  • Bee Hunting
  • Boat--One Man Trapping
  • Boots--How to Dry
  • Box Trap
  • Botanical Drugs--How to Collect
  • Burning Glass

  • Camp Building
  • Carbolic Acid--Uses of
  • Care of the Rifle
  • Carrier for Game and Traps
  • Chains
  • Civet Cat Trapping
  • Cleaning Fur
  • Collecting Botanical Drugs
  • Compass
  • Cooking Game

  • Crows
  • Deadfalls
  • Dogs
  • Drags
  • Drowners
  • Drying Furs
  • Drying Rack for Roots
  • Early and Late Trapping
  • Ermine Trapping
  • Fastening Traps--Methods of

  • Figure Four Trap
  • Fish Oil
  • Fisher Trapping
  • Fox Trapping
  • Fox Snaring
  • Fur Farming
  • Game--How to Cook
  • Game--How to Keep
  • Game Heads--How to Prepare for Mounting
  • Grading Raw Furs

  • Guns
  • Hawks
  • Handling Skins
  • Hides
  • Hot Water--Uses of
  • Humane
  • Indian Snowshoe Hitch
  • Knife
  • Late Trapping and Early
  • Lemon--Uses of

  • Lynx Trapping
  • Marten Trapping
  • Matches
  • Mink Trapping
  • Mole Trapping
  • Muskrat--Preparing for Market
  • Muskrat--Shooting
  • Muskrat--Trapping
  • Net Making
  • Opossum Trapping

  • Otter Trapping
  • Owls
  • Pack Sack--How to Make
  • Pearl Hunting
  • Photography
  • Preparing Skins for Market
  • Prime
  • Raccoon Trapping
  • Rifle--Care of
  • Rubbers--How to Repair

  • Rules for Sportsmen
  • Salt
  • Scents--How to Make
  • Scraping Beam
  • Skinning Device
  • Skunk Trapping
  • Snake Poison
  • Snaring Foxes
  • Snow Shoe Hitch--Indian
  • Soap

  • Springy
  • Steel Traps--Sizes to Use
  • Stretcher--Wire
  • Stretching Board
  • Stretching Skins
  • Success in Trapping
  • Tail Bone--How to Remove
  • Tempering Steel
  • Tents--How to Warm
  • Tracks and Tracking

  • Trail--How to Mark
  • Trail Sets
  • Trap Carrier
  • Trapping Boat--One Man
  • Turpentine--Use in Fur Business
  • Turtle Trapping
  • Venison--How to Cook
  • Waterproofing Shoes
  • Warming Tents
  • Weasel Trapping

  • Wildcat Trapping
  • Winter Fishing
  • Wire Stretcher
  • Wolf Trapping
  • Wolves--Hunting Young
  • Wool Skins--How to Tan
This old book that fits in the palm of your hand has loads of diagrams, drawings, photos and tips to ensure your trapping success.

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Vintage AGFA ANSCO BOX CAMERA Simple Basic Took B2 Film

Vintage AGFA ANSCO BOX CAMERA Simple Basic Took B2 Film - eBay (item 310071517808 end time Aug-04-08 17:55:44 PDT)

This vintage box camera is very basic. No lens, no settings, just point and shoot. It's marked, "Agfa Ansco" on the front where there's just the camera opening. The right side has the shutter and the film advance which you pull out to get the film holder out of the camera.

There's just one viewer, on the top along with a leather carry strap. The back snaps on at top and back, easy to remove and replace. Inside the back it says, "Use B2 Agfa All-Weather Film." The film holder comes out for loading and unloading.

The shutter works quick as a wink and the camera is tight and clean inside but with a musty smell when you take the back off. You can sort of see through the tiny viewing window. I don't know if B2 Agfa film is still made.

This camera likely took little square pictures where the people are tiny. You've seen the photos I mean, where granddad or grandma lined relatives up outside squinting into the sun for a family shot in black and white. Classic.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PHOTO CARD TREE 16" Stand Displays Top 10 Favorite Pics

PHOTO CARD TREE 16" Stand Displays Top 10 Favorite Pics - eBay (item 310071275140 end time Aug-03-08 19:27:26 PDT)

This photo card tree has ten flower-shaped wires to display your favorite photos, greeting cards, business cards, recipes or whatever you please. The green base is heavy, but isn't glass or plastic. It seems to be some combination of both. I see no maker's mark.

You can bend and shift the wires to best suit the size and placement of your photos or cards.

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HALF DOLL ANGEL BASKET Head, Hands, Wings, Puffy Satin!

HALF DOLL ANGEL BASKET Head, Hands, Wings, Puffy Satin! - eBay (item 310071258856 end time Aug-03-08 18:24:01 PDT)

This angel basket features a snowflake satin fabric inside and out with a blonde angel half doll with gold wings. Her face is gorgeous and wistful, her hands graceful, made of composition. The basket is round and cushy, trimmed with gold bead strings, a gold rose and bow.

I see no maker's mark, but I suspect a tag was cut off the bottom. There's a sliver of a tag remaining in the seam.

What would you put into a basket like this? Small Christmas presents? Pretty ornaments? Gift envelopes of money? I know it's summer, but work with me here. You know how the holidays arrive faster each year.

Or this could be an extra fancy sewing basket/pin cushion for a special project, like embroidery. The basket could hold your scissors, thread, needles, measuring tapes.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

WWII Vintage U.S. SERVICE WRITING KIT Navy in Orig. Box

WWII Vintage U.S. SERVICE WRITING KIT Navy in Orig. Box - eBay (item 310070731161 end time Aug-01-08 20:14:13 PDT)

This vintage WWII soldier gear is marked, "U.S. Service Writing Kit" with a silver emblem on the front of the blue faux-leather paper folder. The sheets of stationery in the pad have the emblem in blue and the words "United States Navy." The kit comes in the original pasteboard box.

Inside the folder is the pad of stationery, 24 envelopes (one slipped deep inside) and a place for a sweetheart's photo and another for the soldier's ID info: Name, No., Outfit, Co., Camp, Location.

The pasteboard box has three servicemen on the front, an envelope and stars and is marked on each side in red, "Keep Writing 'Em" and on one end is marked in pencil, "Navy, 50 Cents."

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CHILDREN OF THE LENS Doc Smith HC w/ Facs. DJ First Ed

CHILDREN OF THE LENS Doc Smith HC w/ Facs. DJ First Ed. - eBay (item 310070720186 end time Aug-01-08 19:20:41 PDT)

This vintage book is Children of the Lens by Edward E. "Doc" Smith, Ph. D. It's the 1954 Fantasy Press, Inc. First Edition hardcover in a facsimile dust jacket. This edition had a low printing run of just a few thousand. The jacket design and illustrations are by Ric Binkley.

Miles didn't come up with this item. It's Joe's and the reason it has a facsimile dust jacket is because he won't give up the original one. Greedy man. He made a copy for you and has it protected in clear vinyl. He bought this book in the 1960s and he read it once. It's been living in a plastic bag in his collection of books ever since.

From the dust jacket flap:
To every reader of science fiction who enjoys so-called "space operas," the name Edward E. Smith is synonymous with the best in the field. He has been called--and with justification--the master of the space adventure novel. Of all of his work, his "Lensman" series has gained the greatest acclaim--and of the six "Lensman" novels, "Children of the Lens," the last in the series, is his crowning achievement.

Twenty years have passed since the events portrayed in "Second Stage Lensmen." To Kimball Kinnison and his wife Clarrissa have been born five children--Kit, the eldest, and two sets of twin sisters. These are the "Children of the Lens"--the offspring of uncounted generations of selected matings--the most capable, the most brilliant minds in the universe. Their job is the conclusion of the Boskonian war, and how they accomplish this end and gain ultimate victory makes up the greater part of the book.

Again we meet old friends introduced in earlier volumes in the series--Worsel the Valentian, Nadreck of Palain VII, Tregonsee the Rigellian, Mentor of Arisia and other equally interesting and alien personalities. Again we participate in voyages into space and hyper-space, in battles between superdreadnoughts of the void. Again we enjoy all of the varied facets of science fiction writing which make a Smith book so popular with so very many readers.

If you have not read the earlier "Lensman" stories, you may still enjoy the present volume, since in his "Message of Transmittal" which begins "Children of the Lens," Dr. Smith has written a detailed summary of the preceding books.
If you have read earlier Smith books, none of the foregoing comments are necessary. If this is your first contact with his work, you have a unique and thrilling experience before you.
  • Message of Transmittal
  • 1. Kim and Kit; Gray Lensmen
  • 2. Worsel and the Overlords
  • 3. Kinnison Writes a Space Opera
  • 4. Nadreck of Palain VII at Work
  • 5. The Abduction of a President
  • 6. Tregonsee, Camilla, and "X"
  • 7. Kathryn on Guard
  • 8. Black Lensmen
  • 9. An Arisian Education
  • 10. Constance Out-Worsels Worsel
  • 11. Nadreck Traps a Trapper
  • 12. Kalonia Becomes of Interest
  • 13. Clarrissa Takes Her L-2 Work
  • 14. Kinnison-Thyron, Drug Runner
  • 15. Thyron Follows a Lead
  • 16. Red Lensman in Gray
  • 17. Nadreck vs. Kandron
  • 18. Camilla Kinnison, Detector
  • 19. The Hell-Hole in Space
  • 20. Kinnison and the Black Lensman
  • 21. The Red Lensman on Lyrane
  • 22. Kit Invades Eddore; and--
  • 23. --Escapes with His Life
  • 24. The Conference Solves a Problem
  • 25. The Defense of Arisia
  • 26. The Battle of Ploor
  • 27. Kinnison Trapped
  • 28. The Battle of Eddore
  • 29. The Power of Love
  • Epilogue
In this gray cloth hard cover, not only is there a spaceman frontispiece, but each chapter beginning has a different illustration. Nice!

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American Family KITCHEN SCALE Weighs Food 25 Lbs 11 KG

American Family KITCHEN SCALE Weighs Food 25 Lbs 11 KG! - eBay (item 310070698092 end time Aug-01-08 17:55:39 PDT)

This kitchen scale is marked, "American Family Scale. Weighs 25 Pounds by Ounces, 11 Kilograms by 50 Grams. Not Legal for Trade." The sticker on the platform says, "145238. To Regulate: Turn Nut Under Top Platform to Zero."

The white scale's dial is illustrated with colorful drawings of a steak, bananas, apple, fish, chicken, tomatoes, grapes and lettuce. Great kitchen tool if you're into portion control or cooking mass quantities!

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Antique Silver SHOE BUTTON HOOK Store Giveaway Old Tool

Antique Silver SHOE BUTTON HOOK Store Giveaway Old Tool - eBay (item 310070697281 end time Aug-01-08 17:51:30 PDT)

This vintage button hook is possibly sterling silver, has the hook on one end and a hole for hanging it up on the other end. It's marked, "Elsworth & Son, Sole Agency, Holland, N.Y." on one side of the handle and "'Queen Quality' Shoes" on the other side of the handle.

Miles didn't come up with this item. Joe's aunt fished it up out of her long-held possessions. She's 87 years old, didn't say whether she used it personally and I didn't ask. I looks like a free giveaway from the shoe store way back when.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vintage Louise Economy SPOOL RACK PIN CUSHION Victorian

Vintage Louise Economy SPOOL RACK PIN CUSHION Victorian - eBay (item 310068594676 end time Jul-24-08 19:49:43 PDT)

This vintage pincushion is metal with a red cotton covering for the cushion and comes with 8 spool pins for thread. The underside is embossed, "The Louise Economy."

Searching online, I found Louise Economy collar supporters for high-necked Victorian collars. That suggests this pin cushion came from Victorian times.

It comes with a vintage metal size 8 thimble that sits nicely atop the finial. I included two small spools of thread, one of which has a vintage wooden spool, to show you the scale of it. It can be taken apart to replace the cover as needed and needs nimble fingers to reassemble it.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chantilly Lane SINGING BEAR Senior Moments, When I'm 64

Chantilly Lane SINGING BEAR Senior Moments, When I'm 64 - eBay (item 310068068193 end time Jul-24-08 18:31:16 PDT)

This 22-inch high singing bear is dressed in a black felt hat, black specs, checkered bow-tie and a black sweater with the slogan, "When Did My Wild Oats Turn to All-Bran?"

His mouth moves and his head tilts as he sings "When I'm 64" by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. He's a Chantilly Lane Senior Moments Bear with original paper hang tag.

To hear him sing, press his left paw. To turn the singing function on or off, open the zipper at his butt and toggle the switch in the base. See and hear him sing his tune on video.

The hang tag front says, "Chantilly Lane™ Musicals. It all started with a little red hat. PBC International, Inc." Inside the tag is the history of the Chantilly Lane collection and remnants of a price sticker.

The hang tag back says, "For ages 8 and up. Warning! Choking Hazard! Remove all cords, tags & packaging before giving to a child. 'When I'm 64' Written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney" with the legal info on the song. "22" Senior Moments™ Bears. Made In China."

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Vintage Cast Iron OLD ROOSTER WEATHER VANE Wind Vein!

Vintage Cast Iron OLD ROOSTER WEATHER VANE Wind Vein! - eBay (item 310068080244 end time Jul-22-08 19:08:28 PDT)

This 17-inch high cast iron rooster weather vane used to sit atop a bird house. It has three leaf-shaped legs, the four directions, and a proud chicken standing on an arrow. I see no maker's mark.

It was assembled wrong when I photographed it. The half circles form a ball above and below the N, S, E and W letter bars. They were reversed and now nestle into each other better. The direction arms unit can be turned, but not as easily as the rooster and arrow which spin easily.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vintage COPPER SLOTTED MAILBOX with Newspaper/Mag Rack!

Vintage COPPER SLOTTED MAILBOX with Newspaper/Mag Rack! - eBay (item 310067795125 end time Jul-21-08 19:41:28 PDT)

This vintage copper mailbox mounts on a wall with two newspaper and magazine rack scrolls and three screws, included. It has great Gothic, medieval or Spanish style with a scroll and square studs. I see no maker's mark anywhere.

The window in front is lined with plastic to let you see if you got mail, yet keep the rain out. Letters go into a slot, big mail can also go in and out easily. Turn the latch and pull down the front panel to retrieve your mail.

It has some great patina and minor scrapes and scuffs. The envelope holding the screws is very old.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Wee Vintage BABY BIB Blue Embroidery, Button Closure!

Wee Vintage BABY BIB Blue Embroidery, Button Closure! - eBay (item 310067234440 end time Jul-19-08 18:01:29 PDT)

This vintage baby bib is a very small circlet that buttons at the back, has blue machine embroidery in a floral design with "Baby" on the front. The front is cotton, the back is flannel. Very dainty.

I don't know how old it is, but it seems like something from the forties. The embroidery is machine-made.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


REPORTS OF GENERAL MacARTHUR Jap Ops SW Pacific, Vol 2! - eBay (item 310065926065 end time Jul-14-08 20:31:32 PDT)

This vintage hardcover copy of Reports of General MacArthur, Japanese Operations in the Southwest Pacific Area, Vol. II Part II was published in 1966, compiled from Japanese Demobilization Bureaux Records. It's a big heavy book with lots of maps, charts and photos along with the text coverage. The end papers show a map in both Japanese and English called Japanese Navy: Order of Battle and Losses.

The Preface by Douglas MacArthur says:
This volume parallels the record of Allied operations in the SWPA from the Defense of Luzon, 8 December 1941, to the Surrender Negotiations in Manila, 15 August 1945. It is the Japanese official record, contained in operational monographs furnished by the Japanese Demobilization Bureaux, the successors to the former War and Navy Ministries, developed by Officers of the Japanese Imperial Headquarters, Tokyo, and on the Staffs of major Japanese Commanders in the field. Like Volume I, the material is thus presented by eye witnesses to events, and is supported by official documentary evidence.

It is a record of bitter resistance and tenacious fighting by a first-class Army and Navy, led by Diplomats and Military Politicians through the holocaust of national destruction, an Army that was steeped in medieval cruelty, but fought with the most modern technical skill and savage valor, until superior skill and equal valor broke the spell of the Samurai and the legend of an invincible Empire.
  • CHAPTER XIII: Struggle for Leyte
    • Activation of Sho Operation No. I
    • Defensive Dispositions
    • Launching of the Invasion
    • Action by Army Headquarters
    • Preparations for Sea-Air Attack
    • Leyte Sea Battle: First Phase
    • Leyte Sea Battle: Finale
    • Deterioration on Eastern Leyte
    • Initial Reinforcement
    • Limon Battle: Phase I
    • Command Decisions
    • Limon Battle: Phase II
    • Battle of Burauen
    • Ormoc--Final Collapse
  • CHAPTER XIV: Prelude to the Defense of Luzon
    • Estimates and Plans, November 1944
    • Situation on 13 December
    • Enemy Advance to Mindoro
    • Final Luzon Defense Plans
    • Battle Preparations
    • Prelude to Invasion
  • CHAPTER XV: Battle on Luzon
    • Launching of the American Invasion
    • Defense of San Jose
    • Clark Field and Bataan
    • Battle Dispositions in the Shimbu Sector
    • Defense of Manila
    • Fighting East of Manila, Phase I
    • Defense of Baguio
    • Battle for the Northern Passes
    • Fighting East of Manila, Phase II
    • End of the Luzon Campaign
  • CHAPTER XVI: The Central and Southern Philippines
    • Situation, 22-25 December
    • Evacuation of Leyte
    • Enemy Occupation of Palawan
    • Zamboanga--Sulu Archipelago
    • Panay and Western Negros
    • Southern Visayas
    • Defense Preparations on Mindanao
    • Fighting in Central Mindanao
    • Defense of the Davao Area
    • Recapitulation
  • CHAPTER XVII: Tokko--"Special-Attack"
    • Evolution of Tokko
    • Experimentation with Tokko Tactics
    • Tokko Air Units
    • Other Forms of Special-Attack
  • CHAPTER XVIII: Homeland Defense: Basic Plans and Preliminary Operations
    • Strategic Situation--January 1945
    • New Plans for Homeland Defense
    • Attacks on the Homeland Defense Perimeter
    • General Plan of Operations
    • Tactics and Techniques
  • CHAPTER XIX: Homeland Defense: Strategic Setbacks and Final Preparations
    • Air Raids and the Industrial Crisis
    • Progress of Mobilization and Deployment
    • A New Estimate of the Situation
    • July Developments
    • Preparations for the Defense of Kyushu
    • Preparations for the Defense of Kanto
    • Strategic Situation--1 August 1945
  • CHAPTER XX: Decision to Surrender
    • Background of the Peace Movement
    • Formation of the Suzuki cabinet
    • Initial Peace Discussions
    • Basic Policy of 8 June
    • Emperor's Initiative
    • Negotiations with Russia
    • The Potsdam Declaration
    • The Atomic Bomb
    • Soviet Entry Into War
    • First Cabinet Deliberations on Peace
    • Showdown on Surrender Issue
    • Initial Reply to Potsdam
    • Final Imperial Conference on Surrender
    • Japan's Reply to Final Allied Offer
  • CHAPTER XXI: The Return to Peace
    • Imperial Announcement of Surrender
    • Military Reaction
    • Formation of New Cabinet
    • Cessation of Hostilities
    • Mission to Manila
    • Preparation for Allied Occupation
    • Disarmament and Demobilization
    • Entry of Occupation Forces
    • Signing of the Surrender
  • APPENDIX: The Japanese Emperor and the War
    • The Emperor's Role at the Time of Surrender
    • Emperor's Efforts for Preservation of Peace
    • The Government and the Military
    • The Manchurian Incident and China Affair
    • The Pacific War
    • The Emperor's Legal Status
    There are three pages, two of them tissue, showing the Japanese and English versions of the Imperial Rescript Ending the War.
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Speer RELOADING MANUAL Number Nine for Rifle, Pistol HC

Speer RELOADING MANUAL Number Nine for Rifle, Pistol HC - eBay (item 310064742179 end time Jul-10-08 18:26:29 PDT)

This vintage hardcover copy of Speer Reloading manual Number Nine For Rifle and Pistol is the fourth printing, April 1978 from Speer, Inc.

  • Speer Story
  • Introduction to Reloading
  • Cartridge Components
    • Cases
    • Primers
    • Bullets
    • Powders
  • Handloading Step by Step
  • Trouble Shooting and Special Techniques
  • Modern Benchrest Reloading Techniques, by Neal Knox
  • Instructions for the Loading Tables
  • Instructions for the Sight Correction Figure
  • Data Section
    • Safety Tips
  • Rifle Data
    • 17 Remington
  • .22 Caliber Bullets
    • 22 Hornet
    • 222 Remington
    • 223 Remington
    • 222 Remington Magnum
    • 225 Winchester
    • 22-250
    • 22 Swift
    • 224 FMJ Bullet Data
  • .243 Caliber Bullets
    • 6 x 47mm
    • 6mm International
    • 243 Winchester
    • 6mm x 244 Remington
    • 240 Weatherby
  • .25 Caliber Bullets
    • 250 Savage
    • 257 Roberts
    • 257 Improved
    • 25/284
    • 25-06
    • 257 Weatherby
  • 6.5mm Bullets
    • 6.5mm x 257 (6.5 x 57mm)
    • 6.5 x 55mm
    • 6.5mm Remington Magnum
    • 264 Winchester Magnum
  • .270 Caliber Bullets
    • 270 Winchester
  • 7mm Bullets
    • 7 x 57mm Mauser
    • 280 Remington (7mm/06. 7 x 64mm)
    • 284 Winchester
    • 7mm Remington Magnum
  • .30 Caliber Bullets
    • 30 M1 Carbine
    • 7.62 x 39mm
    • 30-30 (30 Remington)
    • 300 Savage
    • 308 Winchester (7.62mm NATO)
    • 30-40 Krag
    • 30-06
    • 300 H & H Magnum
    • 308 Norma Magnum (30/338)
    • 300 Winchester Magnum
    • 300 Weatherby Magnum
  • .311-.313-.321-8mm Caliber Bullets
    • 303 British
    • 7.7mm Japanese
    • 7.65mm Mauser
    • 32 Winchester Special (32 Remington)
    • 8 x 57mm Mauser
    • 8mm/06
    • 8mm/338
  • .338-.358 Caliber Bullets
    • 338 Winchester Magnum
    • 340 Weatherby Magnum
    • 357 Magnum Rifle
    • 35 Remington
    • 350 Remington Magnum
    • 358 Norma Magnum
  • .375-.44-.45 Caliber Bullets
    • 375 H & H Magnum
    • 44 Magnum Rifle
    • 444 Marlin
    • 45-70
    • 458 Winchester Magnum
  • Handgun Section
    • Reloading Handgun Cartridges
    • Why Ballisticians Get Gray
  • Handgun Data
  • Handgun Bullets
    • 22 Remington Jet
    • 22 Hornet Pistol
    • 22 K-Hornet Pistol
    • 221 Remington Fireball
    • 256 Winchester Pistol
    • 30 Carbine Pistol
    • 30 Herrett
    • 32 S & W Long
    • 380 ACP
    • 9mm Parabellum
    • 38 Super
    • 38 S & W
    • 38 Special
    • 357 Magnum
    • 357 Auto Mag
    • 41 Magnum
    • 44 Special
    • 44 Magnum
    • 44 Auto Mag
    • 45 Auto Rim
    • 45 ACP
    • 45 Colt
    • 45 Colt (For Ruger and Contender Only)
    • Reloading Handgun Shotshells
    • Plastic Target Ammunition
  • Reference Section
    • Velocities of Commercial Cartridges
      • Rifle
      • Handgun
    • Modern Rifling Twists
    • Bullet Energy Tables
    • Variation of Muzzle Velocity with Temperature
    • Ballistic Coefficients
    • Measurements
      • Conversion Table--Thousandths of an Inch to Millimeters
      • Metric Conversion Tables
    • Illustrated Glossary
The pages are chock full of photos of guns and gun equipment, charts, diagrams, training, and drawings of bullets. As you can see from the contents list, this is pretty massive coverage.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vintage BOTTLE CAPPER Unmarked Home Brewer Hand Tool!

Vintage BOTTLE CAPPER Unmarked Home Brewer Hand Tool! - eBay (item 310063779677 end time Jul-06-08 20:02:46 PDT)

This vintage bottle capper has no maker's mark anywhere. It's similar to a Triumph model another eBayer sold recently. Used by home brewers of beer and soft drinks, it's adjustable, able to clamp caps onto bottles as short as 8 1/2 inches and as tall as 10 3/4 inches.

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