Tuesday, November 25, 2008

At the Earth's Core EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS Grosset HC, DJ

At the Earth's Core EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS Grosset HC, DJ - eBay (item 310103551836 end time Nov-29-08 19:29:38 PST)

This vintage hard cover copy of At the Earth's Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs is a Grosset edition published in 1925 with a genuine Grosset dust jacket. The first edition was the McClurg edition published in 1922. This book was printed from the same plates.

It has eight illustrations by J. Allen St. John. It's in excellent condition with a small flaw on the back cover edge and bumped corner at the bottom back. There are a very few stains inside. The jacket is age darkened and shows edge wear, has been reinforced on the back with tape long ago, and has had missing chips at spine top and bottom restored.

From the dust jacket flap:
Mr. Burroughs has startled the world with his amazing stories of the Jungle and of the planet Mars, but of all the many astounding yarns he has written, this is far and away the most marvelous and fascinating. David Innes and his inventor friend, when they sought to test the practicability of their "subterranean prospector" made an amazing discovery. The two men pierced through the Earth's crust and found a world, with living, breathing, functioning humans and animals, but a world still in the Stone Age. The hairbreadth escapes of the two men, the weird monsters encountered, the touch of romance and the manner of telling make this one of Burroughs' very best.

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Tall Thin Man BRASS GUITARIST STATUETTE Stone Base XLNT - eBay (item 310103539318 end time Nov-29-08 18:36:56 PST)

This tall thin guitar player statuette is made of brass and stands on a green stone base. I see no maker's mark. It's highly stylized and quite eye-catching.

It's in excellent condition. The tiny white mark on the guitar neck was just a piece of paper towel stuck there after a wipe down for picture taking. The roughness here and there seems deliberate and part of the style.

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1957 SHOWCASE #6 Challengers of Unknown DC Comic Kirby!

1957 SHOWCASE #6 Challengers of Unknown DC Comic Kirby! - eBay (item 310103154380 end time Nov-28-08 19:24:00 PST)

This vintage comic is Showcase #6, First Challengers of the Unknown, published by DC in February 1957. It features Jack Kirby art and is the origin of the first silver age adventure team: pre-Fantastic Four and all the rest.

It's a very nice collectible copy with a few flaws. There's a minor wrinkle across the word "Showcase," and a small piece has been replaced above the letter "O." The spine has been reinforced invisibly inside the staples. The age darkening inside the cover isn't as bad in real life as the photo suggests.

Nice glossy cover and interiors are in excellent condition. This was only read once or twice and kept in a collection all these years by the one and only owner. Look at what they go for in this condition in the Guide!

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