Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1957 SHOWCASE #6 Challengers of Unknown DC Comic Kirby!

1957 SHOWCASE #6 Challengers of Unknown DC Comic Kirby! - eBay (item 310103154380 end time Nov-28-08 19:24:00 PST)

This vintage comic is Showcase #6, First Challengers of the Unknown, published by DC in February 1957. It features Jack Kirby art and is the origin of the first silver age adventure team: pre-Fantastic Four and all the rest.

It's a very nice collectible copy with a few flaws. There's a minor wrinkle across the word "Showcase," and a small piece has been replaced above the letter "O." The spine has been reinforced invisibly inside the staples. The age darkening inside the cover isn't as bad in real life as the photo suggests.

Nice glossy cover and interiors are in excellent condition. This was only read once or twice and kept in a collection all these years by the one and only owner. Look at what they go for in this condition in the Guide!

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