Monday, April 7, 2008

1972 FANTAGOR #2 Rip Off Press Comic, Corben Art XLNT!

1972 FANTAGOR #2 Rip Off Press Comic, Corben Art XLNT! - eBay (item 310039134705 end time Apr-14-08 18:30:00 PDT)

This underground comic is Fantagor #2 published by Rip Off Press in 1972. Full-color cover art by Gore (Richard Corben). Writers and artist include Gore, Corben, Strnad, Karbonik, Lind, Bliss, Metzger, Arnold and Jaxon.

  • The Wall by Bob Bliss (6 b&w pages)
  • Dukmous...The Man With the Head of an Ape by Karbonik and Lind (10 b&w pages)
  • Cycle, Cycle, Cycle by Geo Metzger (8 color pages)
  • To Spear a Fair Maiden by Jan Strnad & Richard Corben (8 color pages)
  • Demon art b&w page by Arnold
  • Queen of Darkness by Jaxon (16 b&w pages)
This copy of Fantagor #2 is in excellent condition with minor stress marks at the spine and very slight foxing on the back cover.

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