Friday, November 7, 2008

Jada 1:10 Model Gold DRAGNUT MOTORCYCLE in Display Case

Jada 1:10 Model Gold DRAGNUT MOTORCYCLE in Display Case - eBay (item 310098676816 end time Nov-12-08 18:06:05 PST)

This scale model motorcycle in protective acrylic display case is marked, "Dragnut." It is a 1:10 detailed scale model with "Von Dutch" marked on the gas tank and engine. The rear reflector is marked, "Von Dutch Kustom Cycles." A flying eyeball stands near the motorcycle and decorates the lid.

It was created by Jada Toys, part of their Von Dutch Kustom Cycles series, number 90089CG. The motorcycle is candy gold in color.

I wonder if someone once had the lid off. There's a dark mark inside the lid and the bottom right tab connecting the lid to the base is somewhat broken. There's light dust on the mirror floor inside and minor scrapes on the outer lid.

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SUNBONNET SUE, SAM Quilt 46x38 Patchwork, Embroidered!

SUNBONNET SUE, SAM Quilt 46x38 Patchwork, Embroidered! - eBay (item 310098448087 end time Nov-11-08 20:19:16 PST)

This small 46" by 38" quilt features a center panel with Sunbonnet Sue and Sam, quilted butterflies and embroidered flowers, surrounded by eighteen 3-stripe patchwork squares. Unfortunately, the quilter didn't sign or date this handiwork.

The colors are lavender, dark pink, dark yellow, navy, red and white. The fabric is cotton or cotton blends.

The back is white and the yellow binding is only on the back. It's well-made, looks brand new, never washed. Sue has an embroidered basket. Sam has an embroidered balloon.

There's a pinpoint stain on the back and minor speckle stains in the left border. The lower left edge is hand-sewn shut for about three inches where the seam pulled open.

I want to say the quilt isn't old because I recognize some of the prints, but time flies by so fast, those prints might be twenty years old for all I know. It's probably been that long since I last quilted anything.

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Vintage ARTCRAFT 12 K GF Carved Wire Frame Eye Glasses!

Vintage ARTCRAFT 12 K GF Carved Wire Frame Eye Glasses! - eBay (item 310098422852 end time Nov-11-08 17:57:17 PST)

This vintage pair of wire frame bifocal eye glasses is marked, "Artcraft 11/10 12 K GF" on the bridge and both temples. The bridge, hinges and temples have art deco decorative carving. They have nose pads made of something that almost looks like mother of pearl.

The glasses case is marked, "Dr. Louis Rivera, Optometrist, 23 West 9th St., Erie, Penna." The outer covering is cordovan faux leather fabric and the lining is faded burgundy velvet, both much worn.

This style of temple that wraps around the back of the ear is great for active people. These spectacles will not fall off, even if you turn upside-down.

The glasses measure 115 mm wide across the front, the distance between the lenses is 20 mm, and the temples are 125 mm long from hinge join to the middle of the ear curve. The lenses measure 45 mm wide and 42 mm high. The bridge and hinges are attached by screws through holes in the lenses.

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