Friday, November 7, 2008

SUNBONNET SUE, SAM Quilt 46x38 Patchwork, Embroidered!

SUNBONNET SUE, SAM Quilt 46x38 Patchwork, Embroidered! - eBay (item 310098448087 end time Nov-11-08 20:19:16 PST)

This small 46" by 38" quilt features a center panel with Sunbonnet Sue and Sam, quilted butterflies and embroidered flowers, surrounded by eighteen 3-stripe patchwork squares. Unfortunately, the quilter didn't sign or date this handiwork.

The colors are lavender, dark pink, dark yellow, navy, red and white. The fabric is cotton or cotton blends.

The back is white and the yellow binding is only on the back. It's well-made, looks brand new, never washed. Sue has an embroidered basket. Sam has an embroidered balloon.

There's a pinpoint stain on the back and minor speckle stains in the left border. The lower left edge is hand-sewn shut for about three inches where the seam pulled open.

I want to say the quilt isn't old because I recognize some of the prints, but time flies by so fast, those prints might be twenty years old for all I know. It's probably been that long since I last quilted anything.

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