Friday, June 6, 2008

White China Bowl w/ Gorgeous Pink SCULPTURED ROSES Lid!

White China Bowl w/ Gorgeous Pink SCULPTURED ROSES Lid! - eBay (item 310056564479 end time Jun-09-08 18:20:35 PDT)

This white china bowl has beautiful hand-sculpted roses and leaves applied to the lid. The flowers are very well done, so it's surprising there's no maker's mark anywhere.

This bowl isn't something Miles brought, but one I've had for awhile, given to me as a gift from one of my tailoring customers. I'm not usually into such girly things, but it was too pretty not to keep and love. I kept almonds in it ready to eat by the handful. You lift the lid by sticking your fingertips amidst the flowers for a grip.

I'm ready to pass it along to someone else to love. Why? Because I'm amazed I haven't broken it! And I don't want to be the one to smash it. It's not perfect, but still very lovable. Maybe you could love it and pass it down to your heirs? Maybe you have a china cabinet to keep it safe. I don't.

Fair warning--it's not the easiest thing to clean in and around all those rose petals and leaves. The inner rim in the bowl and the rim in the lid are unglazed, perhaps so the lid doesn't slip around.

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Herter's Tech Lab Model 5 POWDER SCALE Reloading Ammo!

Herter's Tech Lab Model 5 POWDER SCALE Reloading Ammo! - eBay (item 310056319357 end time Jun-08-08 19:38:56 PDT)

This heavy cast iron powder scale for reloading ammo is marked, "Herter's Inc., Since 1893, Waseca, Minn. Pat. Pend. Technical Ballistic Laboratory, Model 5."

I apologize for the pictures having the weight scale bar in the wrong position. It's correct now, with the one end UNDER the wire instead of over it. Looks much better now in real life, not so much in the pictures.

The thick loop of wire on one end looks home-made to me, meant to hold a cup that isn't here. This scale has four bolts with rubber feet for adjusting the level. It weighs about 6 1/2 pounds so shipping will be a factor.

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Vintage LUFKIN DIAL TEST INDICATOR, Latched Wooden Box!

Vintage LUFKIN DIAL TEST INDICATOR, Latched Wooden Box! - eBay (item 310057106917 end time Jun-11-08 19:37:13 PDT)

This vintage machinist's tool kit is a Lufkin Dial Test Indicator, No. 399A or No. 299A. It was produced by The Lufkin Rule Col, Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A. The wooden box is embossed in gold, "Lufkin" on the lid and has a neat metal latch closure.

The instruction label says,
This Indicator is a precision and sensitive tool and should be treated with the same care as a fine watch.

To Use Hold Attachment

Unscrew cap on end of Indicator Base and screw hole attachment part way in. Then, lift moveable end up towards dial face and in a straight line with the base; continue to screw an attachment until it seals tight on base. This is done to guide the inside end of attachment into the hole in spindle of indicator. Replace cap after using attachment.
There might be a couple small bits missing from little holes, but most of the slots are filled. The dial says, "Lufkin. made in U.S.A. No. 399, 0-50-0, Jeweled .001"."

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