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Rare SFWA BULLETIN #103, 24th Nebula Awards Special!

Rare SFWA BULLETIN #103, 24th Nebula Awards Special! - eBay (item 310112936530 end time Jan-06-09 19:56:39 PST)

This copy of The Bulletin of the Science Fiction Writers of America is The 24th Annual Nebula Awards Special Souvenir Issue. It's Volume 23, Number 1, Spring 1989, Whole Number 103. American Editors were George Zebrowski and Pamela Sargent. European Editor was Ian Watson. Professionally offset-printed on quality paper with a heavy glossy card stock cover and bound with staples, it features a front cover Nebula Award photo and back cover Ray Bradbury photo, both by Jay Kay Klein.

  • The 24th Annual Nebula Awards Ballot
  • The Nebula Award
  • From the First President, Damon Knight
  • SFWA at Twenty-Five, Greg Bear
  • About the Nominees
  • About the 1988 Grand Master (Ray Bradbury)
  • Past Nebula Award Winners
  • From the President, Greg Bear
  • Writing and the Law, Ellen M. Kozak
  • Market Report, Paul Di Filippo
This issue contains numerous ads for books coming out at the time, book publishers and magazines. The front cover has minor scuffing and edge wear. If you love you some Ray Bradbury, this is the issue for you.

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Rare SFWA FORUM #38, 39, 48 Science Fiction Newsletters

Rare SFWA FORUM #38, 39, 48 Science Fiction Newsletters - eBay (item 310112932039 end time Jan-06-09 19:19:01 PST)

These three issues of SFWA Forum are No. 38, February 1975; No. 39, March 1975; and No. 48, November 1976. Ted Cogswell edited the first two. The third seems to be the first issue taken over by someone identified only as Deb. Offset-printed, folded and bound with staples, they feature an old piece of art and old photo with funny caption, and art by William Rotsler. Interior illos are by S. Gross and Michael Bishop.

  • No. 38 (36 pages)
    • Editorial
    • From the Vice-President, "Buz"
    • Straw Vote on Suggested Changes in SFWA By-Laws and Procedures
    • SFWA Preliminary (Nominating) Ballot for 1974 Nebula Awards (ballot enclosed)
    • The Mortal Storm--letters from:
      • Craig Strete
      • Wilson Tucker
      • Arthur Clarke
      • Jim Gunn
      • Dick Lupoff
      • J. E. Pournelle and Associates
      • F. Clayton McCarty
      • Grant Carrington
    • Fixing Golf Balls for Fun and Profit by Andrew M. Stephenson (IBM Selectric repair)
    • Market Report
    • Nebula Awards Report
    • Cover is old print of pirate swarming a ship, labeled "offutt and the creditors"; interior illos by S. Gross and other old print snippets
  • No. 39 (18 pages)
    • Editorial
    • Straw Vote Results
    • From the Vice President, F.M. Busby
    • Obit for Hans Stefan Santesson
    • SFWA Elections 1975
    • The Pentagram Papers: Series VII--letters from:
      • Joanna Russ
      • Arthur C. Clarke
      • Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks--letters from:
        • Edward Wellen
        • James Gunn
        • Stephen Utley
        • Ruth Berman
        • Ursula Le Guin
        • Seth McEvoy
        • Jack Wodham
        • F.M. Busby
        • Lee Overstreet
        • Bob Ottum
        • Michael Bishop
        • andy offutt
        • John Brunner
      • Cover photos of three vets, labeled "SFWA Salutes her Departing Secretary"; cartoon by Michael Bishop
    • No. 48 (28 pages)
      • Editorial
      • News Release and Comment by Robert Bloch
      • From the President, Andrew J. Offutt
      • From the Secretary
      • New Members
      • From the Treasurer, Joan Hunter Holly
      • From the Grievance Committee, Jerry Pournelle
      • SFWA Nebula Awards Report
      • Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks--letters from:
        • Bob Silverberg
        • Jerry Pournelle
        • Jack Dann
        • R. Faraday Nelson
        • James Tiptree
        • Daniel Dern
        • Howard Goldsmith
        • Randall Garrett
        • Margaret St. Clair
        • John Brunner
        • F.M. Busby
      • Market Report
      • Cover by William Rotsler; interior illos are old print snippets
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