Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vintage Asian PAPER PARASOL Gold, Red, Navy, Green Wood

Vintage Asian PAPER PARASOL Gold, Red, Navy, Green Wood - eBay (item 310102966292 end time Nov-27-08 21:12:32 PST)

This vintage paper parasol features green painted wooden ribs and mellow yellow paper printed with an Asian design in red, gold and navy. The major design element is a building, bridge and landscaping. A decorative border encircles the rim and writing characters are opposite the building. There's another decorative ring at the rib joins.

A plastic ring you slide down over the parasol holds the parasol closed. There used to be a paper sleeve or cover over it but the paper became shredded. The parasol opens to reveal string workings holding it together. The handle is wood, the sliding mechanism is wood and it locks open on a wire. A metal cap tops it off.

There's a small hole where the paper stuck to itself instead of unfolding. The part of the handle stick that protruded from the closed parasol is mottled brown. The parasol is very pretty, a cunning design, fun to open and hold.

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Small Vintage Pewter Gray WIRE FRAME EYE GLASSES, Case!

Small Vintage Pewter Gray WIRE FRAME EYE GLASSES, Case! - eBay (item 310102949698 end time Nov-27-08 18:57:53 PST)

This vintage pair of wire frame eye glasses is a dull gray metal that makes me think of pewter. I have no idea what it is, maybe just needs shined up? I see no maker's mark. The glasses come in an old case that lost its cover and happily sheds rust bits.

These glasses are a very basic style with no actual nose pads, just bends in the bridge. The right lens is extremely thick and sometimes needs pushed back into the frame near the nose. You can see it loose and tight in the photos. They weigh almost nothing at all.

This style of temple that wraps around the back of the ear is great for active people. These spectacles will not fall off, even if you turn upside-down. There are tiny ball ends on the temples.

The glasses measure 108 mm wide across the front, the distance between the lenses is 20 mm, and the temples are 115 mm long from hinge join to the middle of the ear curve. The lenses measure 35 mm wide and 26 mm high. It looks like the bridge is attached to the frame rims by soldering.

I'm a 5'8" adult female and the glasses fit me, but rubbed my temples and look small, like Teddy Roosevelt glasses.

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Charles Schulz Personal SIGNED LETTER, ENVELOPE Peanuts

Charles Schulz Personal SIGNED LETTER, ENVELOPE Peanuts - eBay (item 310102727479 end time Nov-27-08 18:55:00 PST)

This vintage letter was sent to us from Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz and comes complete with the original envelope. Both bear his art. Snoopy is on his doghouse on the envelope. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and a kite in the food dish are on the letter. The letter is dated November 17, 1967 and was typed and signed by Schulz himself before he had a secretary.

He talks about our request for an original and says they are all kept in New York and that he has forwarded our letter there. They must not have been giving out originals any more, as they didn't send us one!

We weren't planning to ever sell this collectible, but now it's time to let it go. The letter has been in the envelope all these years and is pretty much in the same condition as received. It's a little age darkened. There is tape on the envelope back where Joe tore it open the day it arrived.

The letter is the kind of typing paper that resembles parchment. The signature is dark blue felt tip pen ink. The postage back then was 8 cents by air mail! Are we getting old or what?

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7 Buster Crabbe FLASH GORDON SERIAL STILLS B&W Photos! - eBay (item 310102940484 end time Nov-27-08 18:02:59 PST)

The photos in this lot of seven Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon serial stills measure 8x10 inches. The scenes are from all three 1930s serials: Flash Gordon (sometimes known as Space Soldiers), Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, and Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe.

The characters seen here are Ming the Merciless, Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, Princess Aura, Prince Vultan, Prince Thun, Prince Barin, High Priest of Tao and a nameless guard.

There are some bumped corners and a stain, but these are very nice anyway. These old photos would look great in frames!

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