Sunday, November 23, 2008

Charles Schulz Personal SIGNED LETTER, ENVELOPE Peanuts

Charles Schulz Personal SIGNED LETTER, ENVELOPE Peanuts - eBay (item 310102727479 end time Nov-27-08 18:55:00 PST)

This vintage letter was sent to us from Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz and comes complete with the original envelope. Both bear his art. Snoopy is on his doghouse on the envelope. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and a kite in the food dish are on the letter. The letter is dated November 17, 1967 and was typed and signed by Schulz himself before he had a secretary.

He talks about our request for an original and says they are all kept in New York and that he has forwarded our letter there. They must not have been giving out originals any more, as they didn't send us one!

We weren't planning to ever sell this collectible, but now it's time to let it go. The letter has been in the envelope all these years and is pretty much in the same condition as received. It's a little age darkened. There is tape on the envelope back where Joe tore it open the day it arrived.

The letter is the kind of typing paper that resembles parchment. The signature is dark blue felt tip pen ink. The postage back then was 8 cents by air mail! Are we getting old or what?

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