Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vintage Asian PAPER PARASOL Gold, Red, Navy, Green Wood

Vintage Asian PAPER PARASOL Gold, Red, Navy, Green Wood - eBay (item 310102966292 end time Nov-27-08 21:12:32 PST)

This vintage paper parasol features green painted wooden ribs and mellow yellow paper printed with an Asian design in red, gold and navy. The major design element is a building, bridge and landscaping. A decorative border encircles the rim and writing characters are opposite the building. There's another decorative ring at the rib joins.

A plastic ring you slide down over the parasol holds the parasol closed. There used to be a paper sleeve or cover over it but the paper became shredded. The parasol opens to reveal string workings holding it together. The handle is wood, the sliding mechanism is wood and it locks open on a wire. A metal cap tops it off.

There's a small hole where the paper stuck to itself instead of unfolding. The part of the handle stick that protruded from the closed parasol is mottled brown. The parasol is very pretty, a cunning design, fun to open and hold.

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